How to Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire

How to Fix Auto Back Problem in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, frequently known as Free Fire, is a fight royal game for Android and iOS made by 111 Dots Studio and delivered by Garena. This game has become one of the well-known fight regal games.

As of late after the update the game got a genuine auto back bug and players were not content with this bug. In this guide we will fix the auto back issue or mistake in Gareena Free Fire and thereafter you will actually want to partake in the game.

Stage 1: Enable Developer Settings

Limiting the movements on your android gadget can assist you with making your android gadget quicker. You can empower these settings under designer choices. In each cell phone you will track down these choices in better places.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Firstly, search for About Phone in the settings.
  • In About Phone you will see assemble number present there.
  • Tap on the Build Number multiple times.
  • After 3-4 taps, you will see messages like you are 3-4 stages from turning into a designer.
  • At the point when you have tapped multiple times, you will see the message that you are an engineer.

Stage 2: Modify Developer Mode Settings

Whenever you have empowered engineer mode, presently track down designer mode in the settings. It is normally in the framework choices however may vary for various cell phones, and you might think that it is under various choice.

  • Firstly open designer mode.
  • Look down and observe windows scale activity.
  • Set the incentive for windows scale activity as .5x or off.
  • For progress scale movement, do likewise.
  • What’s more for Animator term scale, set it as .5x or off.
  • Empower “Power 4x MSAA”.
  • Look underneath and empower “Power permit applications on outside”.
  • Empower “Power exercises to be resizable”.

Stage 3: Update the Game

Staying up with the latest fix’s significant issues of the game and furthermore help the presentation of the game. Follow the beneath steps to refresh your game to the most recent form and eliminate bugs.

  • Click on this connection.
  • Click on update in the event that you see an update choice.
  • In the event that you see introduce, click introduce, and it will divert you to google play store and update from that point.
  • Trust that the update will be finished.

Stage 4: Uninstall Third-Party Apps for Free Fire

  • uninstall application android
  • Outsider applications that you use to run Free Fire application likewise makes the game reason issue. Bloatware likewise comparative applications that messes up your gadget, and you cannot run your gadget at maximum capacity.
  • Go to settings and afterward applications area.
  • Find applications that you don’t utilize and are pointless.
  • Uninstall them.
  • On the off chance that the applications are weighty, supplant them with the light applications accessible.
  • Restart the gadget.

There are some other ways to fix it , if incase the first Option did not work for you .

Free Fire auto back issue is begun after the game update. The issue is serving to loads of free fire players. It’s significantly occurring with low end gadget players the people who has 1GB, 2GB, 3B slam telephone. There is a simple answer for it.

We can without much of a stretch fix auto back issue in free fire by changing not many settings on our portable. As auto back issue is because of the designs related mistake, we can change not many realistic related settings to fix auto back issue in free fire game.

Steps to fix auto back issue in free fire game

Open your telephone settings and snap on engineer choices. (In the event that you actually didn’t on engineer choices on your Android portable see this).

When you open designer choices Android look down to lower part of the screen.

Here you can change activity scale, exchange scale and Windows scale choices to 5x. (It will be 1x default).

There will be another choice called for power 4X MSAA. YOU NEED TO ENABLE THAT OPTION AS SHOWN IN THE BELOW FIGURE.

Presently THE FINAL STEP YOU NEED TO ENABLE TWO OPTIONS, power applications on outer and power applications to be resizable.

That is it, by doing the above investigating steps the auto back issue on your free fire game will sort out.


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