Finger Claw Settings in Free Fire

Finger Claw Settings in Free Fire

In the past few months, the game of free fire has achieved a lot of popularity worldwide and with all that the fan base of the game has also increased its graph. The game has always been there in the industry but due to some lag or anything else useful to fall behind from all other popular games but since one-year gamers have been enjoying this very game and putting out its videos of made tutorial or gameplay on the famous platforms like YouTube, Twitch etc. As millions of players are currently involved with the free fire game it is one of the greatest responsibility of the developers to make this game interesting for players to enjoy.

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I guess that is the main reason behind various new updates that keeps coming up from time to time in free fire game so that the excitement in the game always remains and players never find it boring and nothing to explore within as that would not be good for the future of free fire game. One thing is sure that the game has better gameplay as well features in comparison to many other games in the market. This can be easily understood by a player who is regular with this game as the game requires better controlling than only the player’s chances of winning increases.

All these things give free fire dramatic gameplay as compared to mobile games. Just make sure that the character you opt for is totally in your control as in that way you will be able to use its power and action together. As its quite clear that many players who had just joined the free fire game only use their thumb for controlling. This may sound easy well it is so but this is not as optimal as the actual way of playing free fire is. This is because when the player uses only two fingers then he is limited to do only two actions mostly running and shooting while there are plenty of actions that are kind of important to enjoy the game to its fullest such as jumping, aiming, using other required skills etc. So, if you want to enjoy as many skills as you can and that too at the same time then all you required is to use four fingers to play the free fire this is simply known as the free fire 4 finger claws playstyle. Here in this article, we are going to discuss almost everything that you require to know about the finger claw settings of the free fire game.

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Best custom HUD settings in free fire:

If you want to make custom settings in free fire then firstly you need to go to settings-> controls-> CUSTOM HUD. As we know that there is a lot of playing style available in this game and every style here has its way to utilize all possible buttons as well as manage itself in the available HUD settings. For new players out there, this may sound a little bit tricky as there are so many buttons so it is a bit hard to tell that which one is the best for what control but in the case of experienced players once everything seems to be quite sorted out. All that’s required in here is a lot of practice handy. Since there is a lot to discuss on this topic the two main things that today we are going to concentrate on will be the 3 Finger claw HUD settings and the 4 Finger claw HUD settings.

 3 Finger claw HUD settings:

In this, set up your left thumb to control all the possible movements of your main character with the left joystick while your left pointer controls the surely important fire button. Now in here, you use your right thumb to control all other additional actions such as jumping, prone, crouch, aim, reload and many more. The player even has the option to switch the fire button to the right and then use the right pointer to control it and that is surely a trick used by experienced players. This control style is not that hard to learn in the very first place.

One in here can be both effective as well as efficient while learning this style. One more interesting thing to known about the 3 finger claw HUD settings is that players enjoy using this within their game. This is almost everything about this setting but remember one thing that you can make all relevant changes that you think are better.

4 Finger claw HUD settings:

This setting is considered the best option to choose and is currently used by many experienced players as well. But one thing to note down here is that the style is a little lit complex which is surely the reason it’s mostly used by pro players. The style is much better than the 3 Finger claw HUD settings once you can learn everything about it. In that way, you will be able to control your character fluently as if you are playing like a computer. This is, of course, something harder to get a master in but with practice, anyone can surely do so. 

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I hope all the information shared above will be useful for all my readers. 


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