How to Find and Defeat Moltres in Pokemon Go

The Legendary bird Articuno, a legendary Pokemon Go character, disappeared suddenly. Moltres has replaced it. Moltres is a flying-and-fire-type creature that acts as Team Valor’s mascot. Moltres, like other Legendary Pokemon, are very powerful and will require a lot of effort from many trainers to defeat. We have all the details mobile players will need to conquer Moltres to add the fire-type Legendary to your lineup.

How to Find and Defeat Moltres in Pokemon Go

Finding Moltres is the first step in defeating Moltres. This shouldn’t be a problem for experienced Pokemon Go players. Simply navigate to the Raid tab in the Nearby menu to find Moltres. Other players will have to find Moltres or enough players to take him down, especially if they live in rural areas. Tools and websites such as Gymhuntr or The Silph Radio are useful in finding Legendary creatures. Silph Radio is also a great tool for putting together a team.

Trainers must bring their best Pokemon to the Moltres battle once they have been found. Like other bouts, Tyranitar or Golem are the best Pokemon to defeat Legendary Raid Bosses. Golem is particularly useful against Moltres because of its rock-type and ground-type attacks, such as Stone Edge and Rock Blast. Omastar also has a rock-type attack, and Vaporeon and Gyarados, with their water-type attacks, are two other good options.

Moltres is a Legendary Raid boss with a CP of around 42,000 and a base capture rate (3%) like other Legendaries in this game. Players can increase their chances of capturing Moltres by bringing their best Curve Balls. Items such as the Golden Razz Berry can increase their capture rate.

If luck and perseverance are good, Moltres will fall by the wayside, and players will be able to add a new fire-type Legendary to their ever-growing roster. Remember that Moltres won’t be available for more than a week and that Niantic will replace the Legendary bird with Zapdos.

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