Facebook Directory Find People on Facebook.

Do you know about the Facebook People Directory? Facebook is no doubt the website with most number of users. Who knows if you really by chance find someone you knew long back? This is made possible by the Facebook Directory. I recently came across the “Directory” link at the bottom of the page while I was browsing a random profile while not being logged into FB. This link took me to a page where you can find all the users that are currently there on Facebook, by their Name!

The Facebook People Directory is not all, there are directories of Facebook Pages, Applications and groups too! This thing can really ease things up. You can browse all the apps or groups or pages over there and also search for the desired ones.

To find a person by name,

  1. Go Here.
  2. Type the full name in search box.
  3. Click on the name, if found.
  4. There probably would be many guys with the same name in the results.
  5. Now you have to confirm with yourselves which one is actually the profile of the person you know. Profile Information will help a lot!

Rahul Garg

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