Evo Vault Event in Free Fire: Get Rare Gun Skins Now!

Hey, Free Fire fans! Have you heard about the new Evo Vault event? It’s one of the coolest additions to the Luck Royales, and it’s here with some amazing Evo gun skins. Let’s talk about what’s in store for you in this event, especially the much-talked-about Blue Flame Draco AK47 skin. It’s all about grabbing some awesome skins while having a ton of fun.

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Event NameFree Fire New Evo Vault Event
DurationNovember 15 – 28, 2023
Main AttractionBlue Flame Draco AK47 Skin
Cost Per Spin20 Diamonds
Bundle of Spins10+1 Spins for 200 Diamonds
PrizesAK47 – Blue Flame Draco, Thompson – Cindered Colossus, M1887 – Sterling Conqueror, FAMAS – Demonic Grin, etc.
Unique FeatureGuaranteed Evo gun skin within 50 spins or fewer
Accessing the EventLaunch Free Fire, click on Luck Royale icon, select Evo Vault
Special NoteIf a player wins a skin they already own, they receive specific tokens

What’s the Evo Vault All About?

The Main Attraction: Blue Flame Draco AK47

The Evo Vault is offering four unique Evo gun skins, and the star of the show is the Blue Flame Draco AK47. This skin is a real head-turner and is probably the most sought-after one in the event.

Event Duration

Mark your calendars! The event kicked off on November 15, 2023, and it’s a short window – it will wrap up on November 28, 2023. So, make sure you don’t miss out.

How the Event Works

Getting Those Spins

Each spin in the event will set you back by 20 diamonds. But, if you’re feeling lucky, go for the bundle of 10+1 spins for 200 diamonds. That’s a good deal!

The Prize Pool

Every time you spin, one prize gets removed from the pool. Here’s what you can win:

  • AK47 – Blue Flame Draco
  • Thompson – Cindered Colossus
  • M1887 – Sterling Conqueror
  • FAMAS – Demonic Grin
  • …and more (like token crates and various vouchers).

Special Note

If you’re lucky enough to get a skin you already own, you’ll receive specific tokens for it. Pretty neat, right?

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

A Rare Opportunity

These Evo gun skins are not something you see every day. So, it’s definitely worth spending those diamonds. Remember, the makers have promised an Evo gun skin in 50 spins or fewer!

How to Join the Fun

Getting Into the Evo Vault

Ready to try your luck? Here’s how to jump into the action:

  1. Fire up Free Fire on your device.
  2. Hit the Luck Royale icon on the left once the game loads.
  3. Select “Evo Vault” from the list of Luck Royales.
  4. Use your diamonds to make those spins and see what you get!


  1. <strong>What is the Free Fire Evo Vault Event?</strong><br>

    It’s a new addition to the Luck Royales where you can win Evo gun skins, including the Blue Flame Draco AK47.

  2. <strong>How long is the event running?</strong><br>

    It started on November 15, 2023, and ends on November 28, 2023.

  3. <strong>How much does each spin cost?</strong><br>

    A single spin costs 20 diamonds, and a bundle of 10+1 spins costs 200 diamonds.

  4. <strong>What can I win in the Evo Vault?</strong><br>

    There are several prizes, including the AK47 – Blue Flame Draco, Thompson – Cindered Colossus, and more.

  5. <strong>How do I access the event?</strong><br>

    Launch Free Fire, click the Luck Royale icon, and select the Evo Vault event.

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