Enable FPP Mode and Quick Scope in PUBG Mobile Lite

How to Enable FPP Mode + Quick Scope in PUBG Mobile Lite

There are so many people out there reading this article who are interested in playing PUBG and are great players too. If you are PUBG player than you must be aware of the fact that there is an option of enabling Quick Scope mode in PUBG mobile but if you try to do that in the lite app available in your mobile that it cannot be done. While in this article I have come up with one of the best methods you can follow to easily enable the Quick Scope mode in PUBG Lite app also.

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First of all, to have the Quick Scope mode in the PUBG mobile you should have the PUBG mobile app in your device. If you already have it then there must be not any problem. There are many online sites present in which you would be able to find the direct download link. And after that download the lite PUBG in which the Quick Scope can be enabled.

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How to implement PUBG Quick Scope File?

  1. Those people who already have the PUBG Mobile kindly do open it and then you have to go to the Game controller settings then after that you need to adjust the controller setting to play PUBG mobile lite as per your preference.
  2. Just exit from the game after that and then you need to proceed to the file manager of your phone and open that in your phone. Go to the android folder after that and there you will find the data folder.
  3. Open that folder data folder and again there you will find a small folder named com.Tencent.ig.
  4. Just click on com.tencent.ig to open it and again open one more folder inside known as the UE4 Game after go to the ShadowTrackerExtra Folder and there a name would be showing as ShadowTrackerExtra.
  5. In their exit a saved folder which you need to open and inside it there would be a name called as SaveGames. This need to be copied. 
  6. Go back and again open the saved folder of PUBG lite to open it (saved folder) of the PUBg Lite, instead of the com.tencent.ig for this open the com.tencent.ignite folder.
  7. You have to open this folder and all other folders in the same way written above.
  8. While doing so you will notice a popup in which you are required to select the option of applying all and there you need to overwrite the PUBG mobile save folder mentioned previously. The overwriting need to be done into the existing folder of PUBG Lite Savegame.
  9. If you do not have PUBG mobile with you in your device kindly download it in the first place. Mainly the download file is as a zip file which is needed to be extracted and then copy it and use it as mentioned above. 
  10. All the steps listed above should be used one after another without skipping anyone in between. If any of the steps is skipped there would be something missing at the last. 

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The PUBG mobile has added a new feature in its mobile App. This is known as the first person perceptive this new game mode is been updated with 0.60 updates. The update will be received by the PC and console player after some more weeks as per the information from various sources on the web. With this mode, the players can play the PUBG like the counter strike as the camera angle with mechanics of the game undergo a unique change that completely changes the style of the game.

How to implement FPP Mode in PUBG?

  1. One of the important things about the FPP mode is that it can only be used in classic games. This mode can not be used in the arcade games which is unlocked mostly after the 10 levels in a game. 
  2. Only in maps like Erangel and Miramar, this mode can be used.
  3. This mode however doesn’t have any kind of character level this can even be used in level one and then again can be used by selecting from the main menu.
  4. You must have the PUBG lite on your device after this you need to download a file which has some of the custom files through which we could add the FPP mode button in our game.   
  5. After this these files should e pasted in the desired folder
  6. There is also a video link kindly have a look if you have any download.
  • The video will clear many of your doubts.
  • All the steps mentioned in the video kindly look and follow precisely if any problem arrives kindly start all over again.


Both the modes of Quick Scope as well as the FPP mode are interesting features the player can use and enhance their gaming experience. Happy gaming

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