Emotes in Free Fire OB28 Version

Emotes are one of the most fun as well as an interesting aspect of communication present in the game of free fire. As the game has become quite popular nowadays the players often use these emotes to celebrate various wins and even to tease friends or opponents on the very battleground. Now as the free fire OB28 server is already open and within few days of the time the updated version will be launching that will be quite great for the players. As with this update, there would be many new characters, features, emotes as well as bundles that will be launched that will be making the game more exciting than before. However, getting hold of these items is not so easy.

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There are a few of the emotes that are available for free but most of the emotes should be bought by the players through diamonds which is bought by paying real cash. The emotes has been always one of the most attractive features of the free fire game that is the reason players are crazy about this stuff. The only reason is to get a little bit of extra fun during the gameplay. There are plenty of emotes available to explore by the players in their so-called game. The free emotes are not that useful but the one which is bought through diamonds are much more attractive and aesthetic to use. These emote are even something that no player can resist even by trying too much. But spending real cash to get hold of these emotes is not a preferable option by many players out there and this thing is quite acceptable too. But there are few ways through which players can get hold of these emotes without spending a single penny. Let’s look at those ways one by one.

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How to get free emotes in Free Fire?

  1. The company of free fire garena keeps on adding various top-up events from time to time which has several offers for the players upon purchasing a given number of coins as the initial requirement. In response or I can say addition the player is provided with some legendary emotes. The rewards that are obtained from these kinds of events are free that why several players participate from time. Just the player must have information when are these events organized as many times you can just miss an amazing opportunity due to dates and time.  
  2. To get hold of these emotes you need diamonds and for achieving diamonds all you need is real cash. So, if by few ways you can obtain diamond for free, they no need of real cash there are plenty of ways available on the internet through which one can achieve diamonds with spending a single penny. Some of these ways are google opinion rewards, booyah rewards or events and using GPT apps. All these ways listed are in great use by many players both experienced as well newcomers.

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List of Best Emotes in Free Fire OB28 Version

Apart from where the players get hold of diamonds so that they can achieve emotes it is even quite important to know about the emotes through which they can enjoy the most. In regards to that let us look at the best emotes present in the Free Fire game.

Eat my dust:

This emote was firstly available in the recent top-up events of the free fire. As the players have to invest a certain amount of diamonds to claim this very legendary emote and that to from the event section of this very game. This emote has a description within the game that says come see my new ride.


This emote is one of the most popular emotes used in the game free fire that is used to display the celebration style of the winner mainly. As when this is activated the text booyah appears on the ground of the game in which the player is posing with a triumphant gesture. 


This emote was firstly made available in the elite pass reward but as time passed it became quite rare mostly for the new players joining the game of free fire. Nowadays this emote is highly in demand. As players find it quite interesting to use in the first case. Through this emote the character is displayed laughing as well as mocking while it points out at others.

Wiggle walk:

This emote is quite popular among many experienced players in the free fire game. The emote is incredibly fascinating. The emote displays several interesting classic mode dancing routines for few seconds when used. The in-game description of this particular emote is are you able to follow my moves.

Tea time:

This emote is featured by the dual wheel spin event as the grand prize and this is basically because it requires a large number of diamonds spins. Apart from this the emote was only available for a small number of players out there. This emote has a lot of animation duration and even considered as the best emotes quite legendary for sure. When used then the player sits on a chair and pretend to have a cup of tea or something like that.


I hope the information been shared above will be useful to all my readers out there. 

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