How to Earn from Meesho App?

This is the era of the E-Commerce industry. People always search for ways to make money online just by sitting in the comfort of their homes. One such platform is becoming quite popular nowadays known as Meesho App. I am sure many of you reading this article are already aware of this platform as you may come across it in any of your social media handles or else have seen its ads on TV. Nowadays eCommerce has become one of the most booming business models and with that, it has almost crossed billion dollars of revenue. All this is done through the online selling of products.

The situation of COVID-19 has uplifted this business idea to a much greater extent. Well, this is something all of us know as you, me all the people use it in our day to day life. This will not be wrong to say that this business model has made billionaires into owners, has made affiliates get earning and with that promoted bloggers, YouTubers to higher levels. Now coming back to Meesho people are using this platform for a time now. It has both a website and an app available. While this is an online live platform for selling all sought-after products online.

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There is a combination of sellers and buyer involvement over here. So if you are someone who has not heard about this very platform then kindly stick till the end as you are going to gather a lot of knowledge. I would prefer you to forward this article to friends and family who wanted to start an online business by selling products. Kindly read the whole article to gather all the information listed below. First things first….

What is Meesho?

I know a lot of you who have heard this term first must surely have this very question in your mind. Well, let me explain it thoroughly. Meesho is nothing but a platform just like Amazon or Flipkart but here the things work more simply. The sellers are normal people who come among us. However, the sellers over here are reaching the customer in quite a different way from other eCommerce websites. One can say in a more friendly way. Many times people have claimed it is more like a social commerce platform working as an eCommerce market. Recently Meesho has been termed as India’s top online reselling portal where simply people sell the product listed to the customers who show interest. 

Now let’s dig deeper to explore more about the platform and working mechanism   

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How does Meesho work?

This is one of the quite common questions asked. Well, the answer is quite direct. Like all other online shopping websites, Meesho also sells a large variety of products. Thus people can simply visit the platform and then find something they want, then place an order, initiate the payment and after that Meesho will be taking care of all the steps further. The platform is mainly known for affordable prices, friendly gestures and various payment options. Apart from that, fast delivery is something it is also being appreciated for. A lot of sellers list their products here. You must use it once and I am sure you will soon be addicted.     

The step from taking, sending products and even handling cancellation is done by Meesho.

If you are a seller then having a ton of products will not take you forward that is why Meesho makes use of an interesting approach. This approach is kind of different from all other websites. There are even a lot of resellers that share their products through various social media communities in exchange for good earning. You can find housewives, college students and many other people on this portal. 

Now I know many people over here wanted to know about the earning well let’s find out how.

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How can one earn money through Meesho?

When we talk about Meesho then this is a quite reputed and widely used platform. People trust their service and they never fail to do their job in time. Apart from that, it’s a great way one can earn a feel of the total comfort of home. When we look at the earning kinds then there are two main ones over here based on people.

  1. The first are those people who do not tend to make any kind of investment to make money
  2. The second is the people who have products. It can be something they made so something they store in their warehouse.

Over the internet, Meesho is the website that works as one of the highly used reselling websites. One can become a reseller here with ease. Now resellers typically buy something from someone else and then sell it to people interested. But in Meesho it’s different here, no need to buy anything you are just here to sell. The step to do so is written below:

  1. The initial thing would be to download the app from the play store. It is available for both Android and Apple users.
  2. After downloading, kindly enter your phone number. An OTP verification will be done and soon after that, some initial details have to be filled in.
  3. After this, you are all set to go.


I hope the information shared above will be useful to all my readers.  

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