Earn diamonds for free in Free Fire

Diamonds are for you to buy in-game rewards, such as character skills, season pass, etc. But, after all, how to earn diamonds on Free Fire for free? Below you will understand better what this Free Fire bug is.

Be sure to read the article to the end to learn more and have a good understanding!

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Earning diamonds on Free Fire for free: what is the bug?

In fact, the Free Fire bug is nothing more than a hack. Players found flaws in Garena’s system and developed apps to earn diamonds on Free Fire infinitely.

To get the diamonds for free in the game, just give the name used in the account login. That way, several profiles can win diamonds for free, without anyone knowing. As the player plays the games, the diamonds are added without having bought anything.

However, it is worth mentioning that this method is not recommended and is wrong. After all, it is as if the player is stealing from the game to benefit. The flaw appeared in April, after the last major game update.

But this is not the first time. Other cheats already occur again, as a way to benefit multiple players.

If I get the diamonds for free, can I use it?

No. Again, this is cheating and totally wrong. If someone else hacks the account and the player uses the diamonds, Garena can choose to ban it. This has already happened to famous youtubers who play the game online for their followers.

However, calm down! You will not be banned just for receiving the diamonds. Basically, it works like this. The hack will make the diamonds available in your account. If you use them, you have the chance to end up being banned, since this is cheating. If you do not use it, you will leave unharmed and continue with your account.

If you are banned, you have a chance to get your account back. To do this, you must pay for the used diamonds, as a way to reimburse the game’s developers.

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And what to do if I happen to win the diamonds for free in my account?

Report to Garena support immediately so they can remove the diamonds from your account. Within the game itself or on the company’s website you can perform this action. However, remember: do not misuse diamonds purchased. That way, you don’t risk being banned from the game.

Is there a way to earn diamonds on Free Fire fairly and for free?

Certainly, not all players are able to buy diamonds on Free Fire. But, calm down! There is a way for you to  earn diamonds on Free Fire  without cheating and for free. The function is possible for Android and iOS users.

There is an application on Google Play called Google Opinion Rewards. This is an application for you to answer questions and earn credits on Google Play based on the questions answered.

You can download it for free from the store. Before surveys appear for you, you will need to complete a survey. This survey will ask for some personal data to identify your gender and other details, such as hobbies and age.

When polls are available, the app will send you a notification. As you answer the questions, you get credit for using Free Fire to  buy diamonds .

On iOS, you need to link your account to a PayPal account so that you can receive your credits and be able to use them on  Free Fire .

I hope you understand how to earn diamonds on Free Fire for free fairly and without cheating. Remember: if you receive diamonds illegally, be sure to report to avoid having your account banned.

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