How to Download WhatsApp for PC Computers Windows 87XP

How to Download WhatsApp for PC Computers Windows 87XP

You can have your favorite app WhatsApp on your PC. WhatsApp which, until now was available on Android and other mobile operating software is now available for your PC. Download WhatsApp for PC and connect with your friends and family and stay connected by sending voice messages or text messages any time.


Until now WhatsApp was only available on phones but with the increasing marketing and popularity of the app and also because of the increasing competition, it has become crucial to churn out more ways to make sure that WhatsApp is easily accessible to everyone whoever to wishes to stay in touch with friends and family free of cost. You can download WhatsApp for PC free by following just a few steps. Here we will tell you how to get WhatsApp on PC:

WhatsApp on pc is no more a myth and you can actually have it running on your computer screen and there are two methods of doing it:

Download WhatsApp for PC using Bluestacks

1.)    You need to download BlueStack which after installation will show you as many as 25 apps on screen

2.)    Click on “My Apps” and in turn click the option of “AppSearch”.

3.)    Type “WhatsApp app”, click on “Find” and you will instantly see WhatsApp Messenger in the results.

4.)    Click on it, select WhatsApp Messenger and it will start its installation process.

This will provide you with WhatsApp PC free download and the download time depends on your connection speed, the better connection you have, the sooner will the download take place. Once your app is installed, you can look for it through “My App” tab from where you can open it and put your phone number post which instantly you will receive your unique code which you can put on your app and enjoy your free WhatsApp for PC.

Download WhatsApp PC using Wassapp

1.)    Wassapp is an unofficial client of WhatsApp and you can start the process by downloading and installing Wassapp.

2.)    On Opening, you will find options to login from existing account or to create new account.

3.)    You can choose either of the options depending on whether you already have a WhatsApp account or you are creating a new one.

4.)    When you create a new account, you will get a unique code which you need to verify via message.

This method will easily help you in creating a new WhatsApp Account on your PC. You can easily login using your password and enjoy the services of WhatsApp messenger or free where you can exchange text messages, videos, voice messages, audio files and a lot more with your friends and family across the world. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the interface to be the same as in your phone but you won’t miss out on your favorite smiley’s and you will find every other minute detail intact in your WhatsApp PC. This proves to be a convenient option for those whose phones can’t accommodate the App.


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