Download ThopTV for PC

Download ThopTV for PC

Download ThopTV for PC

Most of the people among us are very much fond of watching streaming videos, movies, television shows and various series ongoing. There is not so much of the time available with us to catch up with all these things on tv that’s why we mostly prefer to enjoy it in our phones or personnel computers whenever we get time. For enjoying all these things without any kind of disturbance there is the requirement of a good streaming app as to keep up with not compromising our happy hours. ThopTV is one of the apps among those which provide the best performance when comes to streaming. This app allows you to stream almost anything on Android, iPhone, Pc and even Mac. Here we can watch shows, movies, series and videos easily and with the best quality available. Apart from this, the app offers you to watch the shows live and even download it according to your needs. This app is among the best app to provide such great services. It has around 3000 TV channels so with no surprise has made itself among the audience favorite.

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Android has lots of live steaming applications and THOPTV is one of them. ThopTV is different from other live streaming applications as it has lots of features such as it can record replays and more. ThopTv was previously available only for Andriod devices but now it is widely available for MAC users as well as for PC and laptop devices as well. If you want to download ThopTV for PC or laptop, you need to install android emulator such as NOX Player or Bluestack. Your computer should also be fast enough and has good configuration such as RAM and processor to run the emulator smoothly and efficiently. The developers behind the ThopTv really working hard to make it efficiently run in all the operating systems such as Windows, MAC and even on Linux. In this guide we will be discussing all the essential information about the THOPTV as it what THOPTV is, what its main features are and how to download/install ThopTv on PC, Laptop, MAC and android. So, stay tuned with the article.

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ThopTV for PC (Windows):

ThopTV for pc is a quite popular app to watch any kind of shoes and movies without the need for login or signup. There are vast options to watch live TV shows according to preference and with ease option to download it and watch later in free time in your PC. This mainly used the mobile network or over Wi-Fi network available at home. There are also options available to watch live cricket matches without any kind of disturbance made in between. There is a great feature to download almost anything on the PC itself. There are various benefits to the app of ThopTV on the PC can be provided like:

  1. It’s free to use the app
  2. Provides great quality of the content of shows and movies.
  3. This enables one to watch live streaming with quality assurance
  4. The download property is time-saving and convenient to use as per the time available.
  5. You can stream anywhere and almost everywhere
  6. The app is well to go on PC as well as Mac
  7. There are no privacy issues that sometimes creates a hustle.

Steps to download and install ThopTV on Windows (7,8,10) PC:

The ThopTV app can be installed using the following steps:

  1. The first requirement would to download the zip file of ThopTV and then save it on your PC.
  2. The zip file extraction can be done using the convenient extracting software available on the PC or can be downloaded from the web. Using the extraction tool extract the folder to get access to the files inside the folder.
  3. There are mostly two files available in the folder from which you need to click on the blue stack emulator and then download it. This helps to run the ThopTV app on the PC.
  4. After this open it and there you would be able to find three dots and then the install APK option would be available.
  • Where there is a need to choose the extracted file extracted at the staring steps and then click open.
  • It will take some time to install the app on our PC.
  • Now you can just click open and enjoy the steam.

This app can now be used conveniently on your PC just by following a few simple steps.

ThopTV for Mac:

There are plenty of people out there who use Mac so the question arises that is the ThopTV app can be used in Mac too well yes is answer the app is also supported in Mac without any kind of problem. All the features that are available in Windows PC are available in Mac too. Like, live catching up with the favourite shows. Downloading the shows, on the Mac and then watching in your convenient time. There is no hustle with the login and the signup procedures and apart from this, the privacy feature is not hard to tackle. There are even other features that are supported in Mac:

  1. No payment issues
  2. The app is a simple one thus can be used by almost anyone.
  3. There is the availability of radio channels for the old school people as one of their all-time favourite features.

Steps to download and install ThopTV on Mac:

These steps with helping you out to install ThopTV on your Mac within the time:

  1. The zip file must be downloaded
  2. The zip file must be saved in the folder and there are two files present inside it.
  3. The NOX emulator has been downloaded to help the app to run on your Mac
  4. Click open on the sidebar available in the APK option
  5. Select the APK ThopTV and then open it.
  6. The installation process needs to begin which may take some time the icon is surely visible on the dashboard of NOX emulator.
  7. After the installation completed enjoy the streaming of your favourite shows.


ThopTV apps are among the best app liked by the people all around. The features that it provides is something new and that’s the reason it’s mostly preferred. It is almost free without any kind of payment. Surely use it to stream your favourites show and movies according to your convenience.


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