Download PokeRogue, Pokemon Fan Made Roguelike

If you’re a Pokemon fan itching for a new gaming experience, look no further! PokeRogue is here to whisk you away on an exciting journey through the world of Pokemon like never before. Developed by FlashfyreDev, this captivating web-based roguelite game is your ticket to adventure and exploration.

What Exactly is PokeRogue?

PokeRogue isn’t just your average Pokemon game. It’s the result of months of dedicated development, crafted by FlashfyreDev to bring a unique gaming experience inspired by the beloved Pokemon franchise. With PokeRogue, you’ll dive into temporary sessions or ‘runs,’ each offering a fresh and unpredictable adventure.

Explore the Features of PokeRogue

Let’s take a closer look at what PokeRogue has to offer:

Mobile SupportEnjoy seamless gameplay on your smartphone or tablet, so you can play on the go.
Cloud SavesSwitch between devices effortlessly with cloud save support, keeping your progress synced.
Extensive Pokemon RosterEncounter all Pokemon species from generations 1-9 as you explore PokeRogue’s vibrant world.
Immersive BiomesDiscover 35 unique biomes, each with its own background art, Pokemon pools, and trainer encounters.
Dynamic Day/Night CycleExperience the passage of time with an in-game day/night cycle, adding depth to your adventure.
Stacking Item SystemCollect a variety of items inspired by Risk of Rain 2 to enhance your gameplay.
Endless PossibilitiesChoose from classic and endless game modes, with daily scored runs and competitive leaderboards.
Gacha SystemObtain Pokemon eggs through normal gameplay and hatch them using the gacha system.
No LimitsEnjoy unlimited growth with no level or stat caps for your Pokemon.
Unique FeaturesExperiment with fusion mechanics, mega forms, gigantamax forms, and more for added depth.

How to Get Started with PokeRogue

Excited to jump into the world of PokeRogue? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. No Downloads Needed: Since PokeRogue is a web-based game, there’s no need to download anything. Simply head to the official website, register online, and start playing immediately!
  2. Dive into Adventure: Once you’re registered, dive into a world filled with Pokemon, challenges, and endless possibilities.


  1. 1. Can I play PokeRogue on my mobile device?

    Absolutely! PokeRogue offers seamless gameplay on both smartphones and tablets, so you can enjoy the adventure wherever you go.

  2. 2. Are there different game modes available in PokeRogue?

    Yes, PokeRogue offers both classic and endless game modes, along with daily scored runs and competitive leaderboards for added excitement.

  3. 3. Do I need to pay real money for the gacha system in PokeRogue?

    Nope! The gacha system in PokeRogue allows you to obtain Pokemon eggs through normal gameplay, with no real money involved.

  4. 4. Can I switch between devices and keep my progress in PokeRogue?

    Absolutely! PokeRogue supports cloud saves, making it easy to switch between devices without losing your progress.

  5. 5. Are there any limits to the growth of my Pokemon in PokeRogue?

    Nope! PokeRogue offers unlimited growth for your Pokemon, with no level or stat caps holding you back.

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