Download GB Whatsapp for iOS and Android

GBWhatsApp is the best WhatsApp official application option for Android. Despite the fact that individuals are keen on utilizing an authority WhatsApp application option, for example, GBWhatsApp, they regularly get befuddled about how to install GBWhatsApp or about how is GB WhatsApp not the same as the authority WhatsApp application. 

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GBWhatsApp APK for Android is an outsider application customer for the WhatsApp Messenger application. GBWhatsApp for Android APK can likewise be called a MOD variant (Modded version) of the first WhatsApp APK for Android, which implies that the GBWhatsApp for Android APK will have extra features and functionalities than the authority WhatsApp application for Android that is delivered by WhatsApp Inc. 

Being a MOD variant of the authority WhatsApp application, it likewise implies that the GBWhatsApp application isn’t created or delivered by the official engineers of WhatsApp, i.e, WhatsApp Inc. is not the slightest bit liable for the working or delivering of the GBWhatsApp application on Android. 

Features / Specifications of the GBWhatsapp

  1. Let us currently investigate the highlights of this application for the Android working framework. 
  2. Privacy options that let you stow hide highlights (features), for example, blue tick, twofold tick, last observed the timestamp, etc. 
  3. Schedule messages to be shipped off contact of your decision at a future case of time. 
  4. View status update of your WhatsApp contacts without telling them that you have seen their status. 
  5. Set automatical answers to messages that you get by means of WhatsApp. 
  6. Send broadcast messages on WhatsApp bunches that you are a piece of. 
  7. Modify the appearance of your WhatsApp Messenger application menu and messages with the color of your decision. 
  8. Discover messages that are denied. 
  9. Send recordings with sizes up to 50MB. 
  10. Make names for WhatsApp groups with up to 35 characters. 
  11. The hide is typing” notice. 
  12. Effectively make an interpretation of messages to your preferred language. 
  13. Remarkable emoticons can be altered also. 
  14. Duplicate status messages of WhatsApp contacts to clipboard. 
  15. Amount to 600 contacts to your WhatsApp broadcast gathering. 
  16. Allow 100 languages. 
  17. Impair voice and video calling alternatives. 
  18. Try not to Disturb (DND) mode alternative is accessible. 
  19. Make Customized talks. 
  20. Hide individual chats with a design lock. 
  21. Capacity to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that you haven’t saved in your contacts. 
  22. The choice to stick quite a few talks according to your decision with such a restriction. 
  23. WhatsApp stories will be shown in a list structure. 
  24. Change the textual style and presence of messages inside the GBWhatsApp application. 
  25. Anti Ban feature which will forestall and ensure your WhatsApp account connected with this application from accepting a temporary or permanent ban. 
  26. Stream online alternative to see any media prior to downloading them on your gadget. 
  27. Sent up to 90 pictures immediately to any WhatsApp contact or groups of your decision. 
  28. More features are added with each update and insights regarding the equivalent are recorded in each changelog that is delivered with each update.

How to Download GB Whatsapp on Android? 

1. Download the APK file ( 

2. Go to your smartphone settings and change the security settings as Gbwhatsapp can’t be downloaded from the application store. Go to the settings then security. 

3. Tap on Unknown Resources i.e empower your android gadget to download applications other than the applications from google play. 

How to download GBwhatsapp on IOS? 

Is GBWhatsapp APK Theme application is protected to use on your smartphone?Yes, it is totally protected to be utilized in any one’s smartphone. Truly, it is 100% lawful mod of Whatsapp and protected to utilize. Indeed, it is ideal for iPhone and you can without much of a stretch install it on iPhone.

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