Download Free Fire on Windows using emulator

Download Free Fire on Windows using emulator

Garena Free Fire dominates the mobile gaming world when it comes to the choice of enjoying some real battle royal game. The game gains a lot of popularity since the PUBG got banned in India due to some serious dispute with China. The digital surgical strike left most of the player devastated. But a lot of these players started exploring other games and on this note, the game of free fire got some excellent reviews from a large number of players. The game has around 500 million-plus download from play store. The rating is about 4.3 star which is not so bad as compared to all other games up there. The game has been always appreciated for its vibrant ambience as well as all the fun cartoonish character that add a different type of kick to the game. There are so many characters well maintained in the game that can be used by the players as per there wish.

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Apart from this the powers of all these characters are so amazing to use. It’s something magical if I try to make it simple and describe it to you. All the amazing power can be used in various battles. This is a mobile game with some cool moves but many players guess it would be quite simpler to be played if can be played in a PC or laptop. In this manner, all the problem associated with the control will be solved. So, if you are someone with the same question then congrats you are at the correct place. In this article, we are going to discuss how the free fire game can be downloaded on your windows using a software known as an emulator. A lot of people must have already heard this term before. An emulator is a software that is been specially designed to run most of the mobile application on the PC. So, the players can enjoy their games on a bigger and better screen.

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There are a large number of emulators present in the market and a lot of players already use it to enjoy a lot of mobile application on their respective PCs. Some well-known emulators are  BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Nox, MEmu, Tencent gaming buddy and much more. According to a lot of popular gamers out there it is suggested to use the Tencent gaming Buddy to play games like PUBG, COD and Free Fire. So, let’s get started.

How to install free fire on Tencent gaming buddy emulator:

Before we start looking at the steps to download and install the free fire game using the Tencent gaming buddy let us look at some of its features and the minimum requirement that the device should have.

Features of Tencent gaming buddy emulator:

  1. It enables the mouse DPI
  2.  It has keyboard mapping and mouse control which has great application while playing any game.
  3. It supports the low-end PC
  4. It can take screenshots as well as record the gameplay
  5. The CPU/ memory allocation is also something great to be appreciated

System requirement:

  1. The OS should be either windows 7/8/10
  2. The RAM required is should be at least 3 GB
  3. The requirement of HDD is 1 GB minimum
  4. CPU requirement is Intel / AMD Processor with Dual-core support

Steps to download free fire and install:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of Tencent gaming buddy emulator by going to its official site. For the ease, I am just providing the link down.
  2. Link:
  3. Open the link and download the emulator and then click on to open the file. Click on install button and give the necessary permissions. It will take about 3-4 mins to be installed completely kindly wait.
  4. After the installation process is completed click on the start button. Now you are landed on the home page of this emulator.
  5. Then is even the option available to change the game setting on the left corner of the homepage. If required change it according to your PC requirement.
  6. After this jump to the game section of the emulator and up there you can find the free fire game in the list available.
  7. Click on the game and it will be ready to get installed in your PC. Wait for some minutes until it is done.
  8. After the game was successfully installed on the PC click on it to open and then login with the required credentials and now you are good to go. Enjoy your game

There are many other emulators through which the free fire game can be installed and played in your PC or laptop. The steps are most of the time identical. The only requirement is to download the emulator with the correct link without landing into some illegal link.


Plating the game of free fire in PC is much better than playing it the mobile. I hope the article was informative to all my readers. 


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