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Free Fire is a game where players’ battle and the only survivor on the island wins a match. Configuring Free Fire on the PC can have some advantages to improve your game performance.

There are several ways to play Free Fire. You can install and enjoy your game via tablets, smartphones and many people choose the PC.

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How to install and configure Free Fire on your PC

1 – The first step is to install an Android emulator on your PC. You can find a good program by searching on Google. A good option is BlueStacks which is available for the PC.

2 – You must search from the Play Store found in the emulator’s home menu for the Free Fire game. So you will click to install the game on your emulator.

3 – After the second step is done you must accept that the game is transferred to your player when this command is proposed to you.

4 – Just open the game on your computer and start a game. Using the tools you can configure Free Fire on the PC. There are several configuration possibilities.

Customizing Free Fire on your PC to improve your aim

It is necessary that these settings help you to aim better to eliminate your enemies from the field, for that it is necessary to customize some points of the game.

Remember that the objective of the game is to eliminate your enemies by shooting. So set up Free Fire on your PC.

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Adjusting the game sensitivity on the PC

Playing Free Fire on the PC is considered by many players to be very different from other devices such as mobile phones. Explore the different screen settings to suit your taste and strengthen you during matches.

You can use this setting to adjust and improve sensitivities for different types of sights. Choose the one that best suits you in the game, as Free Fire is a shooting game.

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In the advanced settings menu you can adjust some details that will help to aim better. The three forms of aiming work in different ways, so you will need to understand more about each one.  

1 – Standard sight

Using this aim you can hit your opponents in the chest. The negative point is precisely this since the aim only points to that region preventing headshots.

The aim is automatic and it is necessary that your enemies are at a certain distance to be able to have a good view and that the aim is activated.

This aim is important in the lives of inexperienced players.

2 – Total control sight

Using this aiming mode you will have absolute control over the aiming and the way you shoot.

This aim is only suitable for experienced players and can be quite advantageous in Squad mode as the precise aiming mode can be confused with players who have not yet been eliminated.

3 – Precise mode

This mode is alternating between the standard sight and the full control sight. It is an automatic sight and if you decide to use scope you will have full control over your weapons and shots.

Beyond the crosshairs

Aiming well is essential to survive in Free Fire, but it goes beyond shooting and killing other players.

Staying protected is a way to survive. Setting traps and covering behind bushes, boxes, walls, houses, cars and trees is a great option to protect and shoot.

Detect enemies before they reach you. Being fast and killing your opponents at the right time is essential in the game.

Setting up Free Fire on your PC will help you survive, but it’s not enough. With training and dedication, you can become a master in the game.

Do you know other tips for setting up Free Fire on your PC? Share with friends and leave your tips in the comments.

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