Download Faithful in Minecraft

download faithful in minecraft

Faithful 32x is one of the most popular resource pack currently trendy on Minecraft game. If we look at the default pack of Minecraft then it’s about 16×16 resolution but in the Faithful resource in it, it’s about 32×32 resolution. There is also the option available for customization which is quite the best way to change the overall experience to get an approx. idea where the player fits by adding the resource pack. The faithful pack version 1.8.9 provides the player with the same feature as set by default. There is some feature that is HD while quite a few are biomes. There is even some plain crazy feature available too. The concept is quite easy that these features add a kind of impression that is most of the time fun to recognize where the player gets to fit in.

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The Faithful resource pack is best to choose as per ones convince. This is 32x version but there is even 64x version resource available. The selection decision as per the demand of the player. There are so many things out there which one can find in the Faithful resource pack. There are several new items available out there along with the opportunity to get to learn a lot of new things via experience. There is no restriction is acquiring experience in here. There are many modules present out there that can change the gaming experience of the players. The small things out there add quite a major effect on the game. Well, I am saying for sure that the Faithful resource pack can change the way you look at the Minecraft game. The excitement is almost double when great goodies are been added on that are not available nowadays. The thing I find quite interesting is that the pack is available in HD.

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This is a better choice the Faithful resource tries to bring all these together making it an attractive package. There is always the possibility that the gameplay will increase exponentially over time. The resource packs 1.10x/ 1.9x /1.8x Minecraft there are no other things the same. The game is quite streamlined that’s is the reason why it becomes more engaging over time. The beauty and comfort are guaranteed for sure and thumbs up on that.

In simple words, I can say this pack add up an extra kick to Minecraft players gaming.

Let’s us see some of the features of the Faithful Resource package:

  1. There is complete texture available for vanilla Minecraft
  2. There are many modes supported out there like Millenaire, Red power, 2BTW, Tekkit
  3. The customization options are available based on your preference
  4. There is less use of the resource

Faithful Resource has some changelogs lets have a look at those too:

  1. The first one is the Added Alex
  2. The second one is the Added Guardian
  3. The third one is the Added Guardian Beam
  4. The fourth one is the Added Guardian Elder
  5. The fifth one is the Added Rabbits
  6. The sixth one is the Added Spectors Widgets

How to install Faithful Resource Pack:

The java edition of the Faithful resource pack is available free. If you using Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Then you can follow the steps listed down below. There are few out there who are not experienced to add PC texture pack and this guide will help you out here. The latest version is followed here. The first thing I request you to install the Opti fine. It is important because the MOD version will enable you to see the windows more clearly.

  1. Download and install the Opti fine
  2. Secondly to choose the correct version download link compatible as per your device. This version should even be compatible with the game launcher. There are various sites out there where the direct download link is provided.
  3. In the third step kindly make sure to unzip the downloaded file from the site. The zipped file should be extracted properly. 
  4. The fourth step is quite easy to follow just open the Minecraft game go to the options in the main menu and then go to the resource pack at the left side. At that time the activated resources pack would be made available in the list.
  5. At that to install the Faithful Resource pack click on the option available by that the folder would be opened in the new windows. Here you move the downloaded file.
  6. Then go back to the game screen and then move the pack from the left to the right side using the arrow. Then click on done and you are now good to go and use it in your game.


These packages are made available to the player to enhance their customization features. The customization makes the game more inviting and the player is never out of excitement in the first place. I hope the article would be useful for you.


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