Download and Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

Download and Install DokuCraft in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the amazing games which has been getting quite a popularity from a huge crowd of people. This game was developed by Mojang. In the same description, it considered as a sandbox video game.  the game was created by a single person using the java programming language. This game is quite popular due to its several early test versions. There are about 200 million+ people joined with this game due to its promising nature for the future.

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The game of Minecraft provides the player with a lot of time to understand the game well before starting the real play. There are no specific goals to achieve in this 3D sandbox game which makes it stand out from all other games out there. The player has the freedom to decide how to play and the special achievement system enhances the performance in the java edition. The gameplay is by default set as the first-person perspective but the user can change it according to the third-person perspective. The game is all covered with the 3D object which is mainly cubes and fluids and called as the blocks. These 3D figures demonstrate a large number of objects such as stone, tree, sea, dirt and much more of everything. The gameplay is mainly to place these objects at the correct place using various features to revolve around one such material is known as Redstone. The game is a broad virtual setup that is been explored by the player using the map seed and of course, this seems to be real fun. The game follows the day and night cycle covering the play of about 20 minutes as the real-time. 

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About DokuCraft Resouce:

In the game, DokuCraft resource download and installation is considered as an important procedure to follow and this provides the game with classic structure and new virtual advancement to enhance the players gaming experience. DokuCraft is a popular resource pack used in Minecraft for adding some advanced features making the game smoother and easier to acquire upon. There are a handful of things been added such as speed, some unique textures not available in other games, then some virtual such as banners and shield.

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The resource pack is present in three different variants such as dark, high and light. One of the best things about the DokuCraft is that they are created by a community of people which is why the chances to get regular updates is quite fast. The three versions to choose from is one of such feature getting quite a popularity among the players. There is a series of changes going on every time but this doesn’t stop the fact of more advancement to be added in the game though the DokuCraft in the upcoming future. There is some painting still in progress which would be added with the three versions to provide a complete look. As per the compatibility, the feature must add some unique looks to the game making it much popular among the people.

The three-version available is in 32×32 resolution with the named version as Dark, High and light. Let us look at the number of steps to follow to download and install the DokuCraft resource:

Download the DokuCraft:

The download links are provided by the developer HienkyakuX of DokuCraft:

Link 1: 32×32 (Light Version) Minecraft 1.10.X

Dokucraft Light | Dokucraft

Link 2: 32×32 (High Version) Minecraft 1.10.X

Dokucraft High | Dokucraft

Link 3: 32×32 (Dark Version) Minecraft 1.10.X

Dokucraft Dark | Dokucraft

The version available here through the link are not having chances of virus

Installation Guide:

The steps below guide the steps to download the DokuCraft latest version for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4 about 64×64 pixels. There is also the requirement to install the Opti fine HD mod or MCpatcher HD fix for successful installation of all the versions.

  1. Download the resource pack from the above-mentioned link
  2. Open the Minecraft game and then to the options click on the resource pack
  3. Open the resource pack folder and download the zip file
  4. There a new window will be popped up with “resource packs” available from Minecraft directory
  5. Move to the place where you have downloaded the zip file from the resource pack folder in the above step.
  6. Now you would be able to see the option of “Available Resource Pack” in the list
  7. Open to activate it and then enjoy the game

In case the zip file is not opening kindly repeat the steps one more time. There is a possibility that above-mentioned link is not opening then it must be because its need the latest update kindly check the website to find one.


Minecraft game is quite popular and the DokuCraft resource pack adds the missing factor to it. Kindly download the game with the resource to enhance the experience of gaming.


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