Doom Eternal Update 1.04

Doom Eternal announced its first update today and it has added some new features and fixes some quality issues and also put up some content drops. The new feature update of Doom Eternal would include a new precious metal event and empowered demons. It also makes it more secure with the addition of anti-cheats and anti-hack improvements.  The DOOM Eternal Update 1.04 can now be downloaded. It looks like there were some problems with the first content update 1.03, which will be fixed with today’s patch.

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The update is primarily focuses on the events and challenges in the game. Now you can have empowered demons within the game and just by killing these demons you can have more bonus points, events and more challenges as well.

The new update also brings the inclusion of the Precious metals event. It has the feature of shiny new cosmetic which one can get using the MC pain Master collection. One can get event progress XP by playing more & more Battlemode, campaign or by participating in the weekly challenges.

The battlemode also includes the death report now which can show the players that killed them. It also shows fixes for latency & lag, prestige starts for enthusiastic players, tutorials and also Echelon leveling for players who hit max level.

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Below are the few of patch notes for the new DOOM Eternal update.

DOOM Eternal Patch Notes 1.04

New Updates for PC in DOOM Eternal

  • Denuvo anti-cheat software is now added to protect cheats and hacks and it is now compulsory to have while playing Battlemode on PC.  
  • The anit-cheat software has also the capacity to take screenshots, or scan your complete file system.
  • This anti-cheat software works with kernel-mode driver. It is quite helpful when the game starts and ends.
  • It is also easy to add or remove the Denuvo software using “Add or remove programs” dialog box.

Single Player Campaign Quality-of-Life Updates for ALL platforms

  • Damaged while swimming is less now
  • You can now move the rad suit in taras nabad directly.
  • Now you can add vertical dash ability in water
  • Maykr Drone campaign tutorial is added now during first encounter in urdak.
  • The plasma rifle microwave mod damage become more important now

BATTLEMODE Quality-of-Life Updates for ALL platforms

  • Battlemode tutorials are now compulsory for the players who are playing it for the first time.
  • The community guidelines become strict now and it has the functionality now to take actions against those players who are using abusive language on voice chat.
  • The death report is now included in the battlemode and it is showing the players that what actually lead to their deaths.
  • In the new update, a new indicator has also been added which is visible to all the players. It is available under the player headers in Battlemode for the healing demon players when they are actively healing.
  • It is also come up the feature of new messaging system to improve clarity of server & lobby states.
  • New Network Icons in BATTLEMODE will now display when network conditions introduce latency or packet loss. The Network Icons are as follows:
  • Latency Variation : Your latency is inconsistently changing, which can cause intermittent lag
  • High Latency: The time taken for data to travel between you & the server is high.
  • Packet Loss: Higher packet loss refers that there is more data is being lost between you & the server.
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