Different Skins in Garena Free Fire

The game Free Fire has achieved a lot of popularity in the past two years and all this is quite amazing for the position of the company in the gaming world while having a competition with many leading games. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that this game at present is played by millions of players across the globe and there is no doubt when it comes to being a favourite mobile game. One of the most important key elements of this game is the weapons and the game of free fire has a plethora for it. There are several types of guns offered within this game and with that, it has so many exciting skins that suits these weapons to a great extent. While the skin within the game is both rare as well as simple once.

The rare skin of weapons is not that easy to find or I can say obtain. One such skin example can be MP40. The player who is engaged with this very game of free fire must already know how much the weapon skin is crucial for the game as they not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the weapon but also increases the weapon’s stats, such as the damage rate, reloading speed and so on. There is a plethora of these weapon skin offered in this very game. However, few are for free to use by the players while some may cost you a few in-game currencies. The best weapon skin with an overall good stat is kind of tough to obtain within this game of free fire. In this article, we are going to see a few of these skins covering their features as well. So, if you are someone who is kind of interested in knowing about the skins and their unique features then kindly do read further. Let’s start the list without wasting any time further.

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#1.Duke Swallowtail (AWM):

Duke Swallowtail is one of the most virtually attractive skin within the free fire game. In this, the sniper rifle is adorned with a butterfly that is showing an image of flapping its wings. The colour used here is red which covers the whole base in simple words. With the combination of a red base, you may also find a pink aura swirling around it. This skin is quite popular in improving AWM’s firing speed and thus increase the magazine capacity overall. This is a possibility however that the reloading speed is decreased to a great extent.

#2. Apocalyptic Red (M1014):

The company of Garena firstly launched the Apocalyptic red M1014 skin within the “Rampage Apocalypse” which is nothing but an Incubator event in short. This skin is considered one of the legendary skins that come with an on-display animation. The skin is also quite famous for increasing the fire speed of the weapon that too by double extent. It is also famous for increasing the reloading speed of the weapon but on other hand decreases the magazine capacity.

#3.Ultimate Titan (Scar):

The ultimate titan skin within the free fire game is one of the skins that are from the series of “scifi scar” Incubator events. This skin is a legendary item as per many known players and this is because this skin is quite rare to find within the game. There is a next level craze among the players for this skin. This skin overall increases the damage of the scar and thus doubles its fire rate. However, the magazine capacity is reduced somehow.

#4. Megalodon Alpha (Scar):

This Megalodon alpha skin is nothing but an upgradable Evo gun skin that players can easily redeem from the incubator via the use of blueprints. This is however a rare gun skin quite difficult to obtain within the game. This rare weapon skin even is renowned for its animation effect. One can say that this skin resembles the megalodon shark in its overall design and this even has an impressive stat. Also, it increases the damage percentage and even doubles the rate of the fire as a whole. However, as per the claim of many players, the reloading speed of the weapon is decreased by the use of this skin.

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#5. Blue Flame Draco (AK):

This skin is the best weapon skin any player can use within this game of free fire. It comes within the AK categories. This is nothing but an Evo gun skin that many players can easily upgrade to the seventh level. Also, at each level, the players will unlock certain new perks and the appearances for the very skin. This weapon skin however increases the damage and rate of the fire of the AK but this even reduces the overall movement speed of the weapon significantly.


I hope the information shared above will be quite useful to all my readers out there.

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