Cyber Security Trends 2021

Cyber Security Trends 2021

The new year 2021 has brought up many surprises. Almost all the important sectors have come up with their most famous trends that may take place within the year or so. The chances that the trends can be supported or prevented is by having depth knowledge of that particular topic. However, these are just prediction so may happen or may not mostly depend on various factors. These predictions are made by famous experts for the industry to get ready so that any situation good or bad can be faced with all the relevant preparations. Well, the cybersecurity field is no different. So, while keeping this in mind let us start today’s topic on cybersecurity trends 2021. In this article, we will be discussing 4 major cybersecurity trends in details. Let’s start.

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Top 4 Cyber Security Trends of 2021

#1. Ransomware Attacks are on Rising:

The year 2020 has ended up glazing light on the threats associated with ransomware. Also, this an unprecedented surge that is linked to the ransomware attacks which has hit various prominent organization across the world. All these organizations have a very important sort of information that should not be shared or else various misuse can be done. Also, during the year of 2021, there is plenty of chances that most of the attacks will exploit all sort of vulnerabilities in the targeted system that is available nowadays. This is however done in some targeted systems so that access can be gained to target the network and thus will be able to manually deploy the ransomware from the very depth. Also, as the covid 19 situation is still on rising several organizations has been carrying out all the work through the company portal with the use of internet connection. This is why companies are giving up credentials to all the employees so that the resources available within can be used. This is one of the reasons why the surface of attacks is being enlarged. Also, the unpatched systems and poor access points allow most of the threats to take place easily compromising the loss of a large amount of information being present in an organization. Almost all the ransomware groups present uses the double extortion model. In which they try to scare the victims to leak up the data if the ransom is not paid in time.   

#2. Associated threats linked with IoT devices:

In the year 2021, there is being an increase in the demand for internet od things (IoT) solutions in various fields such as healthcare devices, smart office as well as remote asset monitoring. As the pandemic has enabled the use of 5G networks, that will be driving the existing business to a whole new level and by this, all the related technologies will have become more and more reliant on the IoT devices. Also, in the pandemic, the workspace concept is being readily changed. As per various reports present mainly by the end of 2021 the workspace will be normal into its legs but till then the work will be carried on in the same fashion as of now. As if the office returns to its normal form, then IoT devices can be used to enhance employee safety and will also improve resource efficiency as compare to the things carried out before. This will include various things like smart lighting, energy and environment monitoring and sensor-based space utilization solutions. This will be increasing the remote enabled environment around the office.

#3. Crimeware as a service this is a winning model:

The crimeware as a service is a well-known model in short it is known as (CaaS). This model is enabled to continue both the technical inexperienced criminals as well as advanced threat actors to rapidly arrange the sophisticated attacks. Some advanced actors will adopt all these services to attack attribution attacks and then is this rapidly ongoing hit and run operations. Also, in the coming months, major botnet operation offered the situation in this the précised model can be nicely implemented. Such as emoted and the trick bot will surely the root cause responsible reason behind the infection on the global scale. The implemented of a modular structure that is related to all the malware program that enables reselling and renting a various section of this malicious code of cybersecurity without compromising the key differentiators. The customers of the malware operators will be then adopting various new tactics, techniques and procedures in some of the major cases will help then target the highly new attacks. This is a place where an increase in the professionalization of cybercrime threats increases rapidly.      

#4. The Artificial intelligence-based threat most dangerous:

There are several attacks used nowadays and all these attacks can be made more effective with the use of one of the most important technologies that are artificial intelligence. This will set a smart approach to all the present threats quite hard to be solved in the first place. In 2021 the introduction of AI-based platforms will enhance the threat efficiently which will be quite hard to solve.

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I hope the information is mentioned above can be made into use. Apart from this maybe there would other trends discovered till 2021 gets over. Let us see how those things turn out to be


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