Cyber Security Courses to Choose

Top 4 Cyber Security Courses to Choose

Companies, be it larger companies or smaller companies are always on the hunt for skilled cybersecurity professionals to augment their digital infrastructure and safeguard their data from the unwanted invasion of intruders. This is a great opportunity for individuals interested in cybersecurity as a career option as the increasing cyber-attacks and data protection laws are expected to create millions of job vacancies. So, choosing a university is an important decision in one’s life, as the rate of change and revolution within the cybersecurity field changes only serves to make the decision process difficult for students who wish to pursue higher education in the security field. But there is also good news that more universities and colleges are offering infosec degree programs than ever before. So here I will be listing out some good courses and the institute also.

1. Master Certificate in Cyber Security – Jigsaw Academy with HackerU

Jigsaw Academy is a global award-winning training provider whose main office is in Bengaluru, India. Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti are the founder and have been helping people to build a successful career in emerging technologies with specialized industry-oriented courses. Jigsaw Academy offers very precise and structured courses with industry-relevant curricula and trains professionals in the areas of data science, analytics, machine learning, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and many more.

Jigsaw academy’s master certificate in cybersecurity is the only program on offensive technology in India, the program will be intensive in delivery and extensive in technology coverage and is delivered in collaboration with HakerU. HakerU is Israel’s premier cybersecurity training institute which has more than 20 years 0of experience in providing cybersecurity solutions and training in the US, Singapore, Australia, and other European markets. The duration of the course will be 600 hours in which 20 hours will be of live online classes, 40 hours will be of the in-person classroom, and 4 months of the main program. The cost of the program will be around 3 lakh rupees.

2.  Stanford Advanced Computer Security course offered in the Great Learning educational platform

Great learnings analytics programs have been ranked 1 in India for five years in a row and its professional learning programs convey over 6 million hours of effective learning as it provides a very flexible and blended method of study so that one can easily grasp the syllabus. The program helps the learners to master hard proficiency such as business analytics, data science, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and, any more areas.

An advanced computer security program is created by Stanford University, the program will cover all the essential areas in cybersecurity from the practitioner’s perspective.

They will also provide a certificate for achievement from Stanford engineering. You will be provided with regular mentorship from industry experts in cybersecurity to get hands-on practice through several labs and many other projects besides that allow the participants to put the soul and mind in what they learned and then practice it over time to time. The duration of the course will be 6 months and it will cost you around $2495 or $1,74,650 approximately. It will be available in India, UK, South East Asia, and Australia also. 

3. DICC Cyber Security Course:

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) is also one of the top institutes in Delhi for Cyber Security Courses. The institute offers training on live projects and training of cyber security is being provided by the industry experts. The 6-month diploma course as offered by DICC as classroom training is one of the best options available for the students to get hands-on experience in ethical hacking and cyber security.

4. PGP in Cybersecurity – Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School is committed to playing a significant role in creating a strong pool of resources who understand the interplay among data, technology, and business as it offers a two-year AICTE approved PGDM and a nine-month full-time program in data science and cybersecurity with impeccable academic pedigree and enormous industry-experienced faculty members.

 The program is designed to create industry-ready cyber warriors by addressing the three important aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem which are people, processes, and technology which special emphasis on governance and conformity. Praxis has successfully extended its partnerships with CISCO, ISACA, and Fortinet. The duration of the course will be 9 months with 525 hours of classroom training and lab work. This course may cost you around 3 lakh rupees.

So, these are top institutes that you can go to if you are looking for a good institute for your infosec degree. While these universities are not ranked in any definite order. Choose your correct university. Consult the admissions department for any university you are interested in for an accurate and complete fee structure. Cybersecurity is a very emerging field as these jobs are high in demand in the market with the evolution of technology this is not changing anytime soon. You can’t go wrong if you have completed a cybersecurity training certificate. And on top of that one can potentially make as much as $243,610 annually, so you get the lavish life that you have always wished for. So, what are you waiting for, choose the right university and get the desired life that you have always dreamed about getting?


Hopefully, this article helps you in selecting the relevant course if you are interested in pursuing cybersecurity in your future. Happy learning

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