Cyber Laws in India

The world of the internet is vast. It consists of both a good and bad side that is been used by several people nowadays. The world of the internet provides many cyber-criminals to get over various information of people and then misuse it for their benefits such as selling it to the third party in exchange for money, threatens the user and ask money in exchange for personnel information. Many other crimes take place in society on daily basis. To avoid all these things from happening and punish the people who attempt to do these crimes cyber laws with punishment is being declared in the court of India. These are known as cyber laws or IT laws.

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In this article, we are going to see all the important cyber laws maintained in India. Cyber laws in short can be defined as the laws maintained regarding the information technology that comprises both computers as well as the internet. All these laws are related directly to legal informatics and are used for supervising the digital circulation of information related to varies things such as software, information and e-commerce. The laws that are maintained for the IT activities does not consist of a whole separate area but is it encloses of various contract, intellectual properties, privacy as well as data protection laws. One can say those intellectual properties are the key to IT laws and that would not be considered wrong for sure. Apart from this, all the areas that are associated with software license are however conventional to many up countries like Europe, Russia etc. These are something that is being recognized by the government as one of the important sectors that must be regularly taken care of.

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Let’s see some of the importance of these cyber laws:

  1. It can cover all the transaction that takes place over the internet
  2. The activities that are done on the internet is been regularly taken care of.
  3. It can touch all the actions and every reaction that is taking place in cyberspace.

All the area that cyber law covers consist of the following:

The cyber laws were made to cover different purposes all at the same time. Some rules were made up to guide the companies and individuals on how the computer system with an internet connection should be used however some of these rules were to make people aware of various crimes that are going on in society and how can they keep themselves away from becoming a victim. All the important areas are listed down below:

#1. Fraud:

The customers who use online sites for almost everything mainly depends on cyber laws to protect them against any kind of online fraud going on. If a person is caught under the complaint made then is the state of the criminal court takes relevant actions against them. All these laws are made to avoid activities like identity theft, credit card theft and many other financial thefts going on in the market. 

The world of the internet has made Copywrite matters much easier to commit. In the earlier days, these things were not that easy.

If somebodies try to steal something on the internet that has a Copywrite associated with it which simply means that nobody can take the particular image, text, and others without the permission of the user as this can lead to court cases where both the parties need a lawyer to prove them correct.

#3. Defamation:

Many people use the sources available on the internet to speak their mind out. In some situation, the information that is being shared is not correct and purely a lie. This is mostly done to gather extra attention from the crowd available online across the world. Situations like that cross the line of defamation.

#4. Harassment stalking:

One of the most popular crime nowadays is harassment and stalking. These are done mostly online. This is something more dangerous than it sounds. People make up fake profile traps a young mind and use it as they want too. These types of crimes are increasing with the days.

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Let’s now look at the cyber laws maintained:

Section 43: This applies to the people who damage other personnel electronic device. The person can fully claim the entire damage cost.

Section 66:

Lie against any complain made as per section 43

Section 66B:

Receiving inappropriately any communication device belonging to another person. This can lead to three years in jail.

Apart from this section 66C and section 66D is also on the list.

Apart from this, some popular laws are:

  1. The first one is Forgery (Section 464)
  2. The second one is Forgery pre-planned for cheating (Section 468)
  3. The third one is False documentation (Section 465)
  4. The fourth one is Presenting a forged document as genuine (Section 471)
  5. The fifth one is Reputation damage (Section 469)


The awareness regarding cyber laws is to be known is kind of important in today’s society. I hope this article can provide all up readers with some useful information

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