How to get conqueror in PUBG hack?

How to get conqueror in PUBG hack?

The developers of PUBG Mobile have included a new element that brings the game into the present. Since the news about the New Era was made, an increasing number of players are growing enthusiastic about the upcoming release of PUBG Mobile 1.0. Since we now know that the game’s developers have not given up on it, we’ve made the decision to bring back additional PUBG M instructions that can assist both new and veteran players of the game. Players that are interested in advancing their standing in the game will find these fresh hints and strategies to be really helpful. Remember that all of these hints are intended for team matches, not solo ones, so keep that in mind as you go through them. A few of these pointers are also applicable to play in two-player matches (duos). The following advice, all of which was provided by professional players of the game, has been tested and shown to be effective.

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Hacks to reach conqueror easily

  1. Players that aspire to become skilled snipers have reported that they have a lot of trouble hitting moving targets in the game when they attempt to fire their weapons at them. A possible explanation for why none of the bullets are hitting the car or the other vehicle in the match is that the distance between them is too great. When it comes to sniping in PUBG Mobile, distance is one of the most important factors to consider. Instead, make an effort to fire a bit ahead of the moving car in order to hit the hostile players who are inside. If you want to shoot the players who are inside the moving car, you should ideally try to fire at the bonnet or the hood.
  1. This is likely one of the most helpful pieces of advice for PUBG Mobile players just starting out. Before you engage in combat with an opponent who possesses an AWM, you must first take off your helmet and your vest. Only then should you proceed with the fight. Because the AWM is such a strong weapon in PUBG Mobile, your opponent will be able to knock you out with just one bullet no matter what kind of helmet or vest you are wearing. Therefore, remove your protective gear before engaging in combat with an opponent using the AWM. Your allies will revive you, and as soon as the enemy player has passed away, you can put on your armour once more, including your helmet and vest.
  1. Always look via the open scope and use Peek. The mistake of not tinkering with one’s game settings is one that is committed by a large number of new players as well as older casual gamers. When you need to snipe an opponent or engage in combat at close range, peeking will be a huge aid to you in the game. Simply activate the peek option by navigating to the settings menu on your device. Adjust and fiddle with the game’s sensitivity levels as you see fit, and then hone your skills in the practise arena until you can do it perfectly.
  1. When competing in a match between two squads and racing towards the other team’s home, you should always keep in mind that the other team can hear everything you say. Sounds play a very significant role in PUBG battles played on mobile devices. You can move and rush at the other team like a ninja if you use the sound of gunfire or ask your teammates to start firing randomly. This will give you the cover you need to move. You will be able to control your movement so that you can move with greater freedom as a result of this. The opposing team will be thrown off as a result of this, and they won’t be prepared for your arrival.
  1. Always keep an eye on your kill stream when you’re playing games. The majority of players pay no attention to the kill stream that appears on the left side of the screen and displays what is happening in the game. The kill feed identifies the weapon that was utilised to take out a player. If the sound in the region you’re camping in matches the one you’re making, you’ll know whether or not the other player is nearby..
  1. This is without a doubt one of the most essential pieces of advice for the Sanhok map in PubG mobile. Always keep in mind that you should not use the QBU or QBZ firearms. The paradise resort on the Sanhok map contains a significant amount of valuable loot, one of which being the M24. Both the QBU and the QBZ are unique weaponry to the Sanhok map; nonetheless, the amount of firepower they provide is below average.


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