Common Mistakes in PUBG Mobile

common mistakes to avoid in pubg

PUBG game has reached a whole new level where no game has ever managed to reach and this is the most amazing fact that distinguishes the game from many popular games present in the market. All the players related to this game find it quite amazing to play. More than two years after the launch of PUBG it has become one of the most popular and played royale battle game worldwide and with this, the numbers of players been added to the community is still in a continuous increase. Apart from this, there are several skills required by the players to master this game which can only be achieved by regular practice as that is the key here.

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Several players have already managed to become a pro but there are still various newcomers who have joined this game in such a situation there is so much to learn as their journey has just begun. There is no second doubt in the fact that the PUBG mobile has emerged a lot since the day it was launched. There has been so many updated encountered in various features of the game making it more user friendly. In recent times PUBG mobile just celebrated its second anniversary and within this period the game has witnesses millions of players trying their hard luck to master the game in all the possible manner as can. One can say that the game has acquired so much attention for all its version mainly for the PUBG light version launched a few days back for the players having a smartphone with less RAM. For this, the players have thanks to the PUBG game in a brief note.

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All the players joined with this game have their way of playing and often call this their tricks. PUBG mobile considering 100 players jumping from the plane on a given map and then fight each other in the long run of survival. The one player who manages to survive till the last is considered the winner. All this in one read is quite simple to follow but the actual game is based on fast decision-making skills and if the players went wrong in any of that then in no time, he/she will be killed by one of the opponents. Few mistakes are repeatedly done by the players in PUBG mobile. All these mistakes should be solved as soon as possible which is why in today article we are going to discuss few common mistakes in PUBG mobile done by players. So, if you someone interested in achieving this information kindly do read this article till last. Let’s get started with our list without wasting much time.

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#1. Safe zone:

This is one of the most important things that the player must consider once he/she enters the battleground. The first thing that must be done is to gather the weapons for your gaming session this thing is much like preparation done for the future. One mistake that a lot of players normally do is not realizing that whether they are in a safe zone or not which is kind of dangerous. As there are situations where players are not able to gather enough loot as there are many houses that still needed to be visited all this normally indicate that you are away from the safe zone. In such a situation a good PUBG player will always look for a vehicle and see the time as well map on regular basis. As soon as the blue zone is kind of visible try to find the safest place possible. This will surely increase your chances of surviving the game till last.

#2. Keeping your health full:

During the game, it’s mostly possible that you are attacked by the opponent in such a scenario it’s quite obvious that you may end up losing your health. In such a situation players often make the mistake of not focusing on health rather they are always about loot. In such a situation kindly make note of one important thing that a smart player would not be able to handle an opponent with low health.

#3. Reload the gun:

The third common mistakes that are done by most of the players are not reloading the gun after a fight as their whole focus is on gathering the loot. After this if they spot an enemy then they come to realize that they are not having the gun reloaded enemy taking an advantage of that starts firing and in no time, you lose the game. Kindly avoid this kind of small mistakes or else you may end up losing the game each time. 

#4. A leader takes the call:

Before entering the game one thing that a squad must do is to decide the leader who would be followed by other members. As the leader will be deciding everything from landing spot to hiding spot and all others needs to follow that. Apart from this, there must be only one player who will be marking the location on the map as several marks creates confusion.

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I hope all the common mistakes listed above will be considered to be solved in order to achieve a higher position in the PUBG game.   


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