CoD: Modern Warfare – Season Six has started – All information

Today, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, the sixth season in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Battle Royale Standalone Warzone starts! It should be done punctually at 8 a.m. Then fans and gamers can look forward to new content before the current Call of Duty is inherited on November 13 by the successor Black Ops Cold War.

But in order to bridge the waiting time, those responsible have come up with a few more ideas. For example, in Season 6 you can use a new Fast Travel System in Verdansk, test the new Battle Pass System, which brings you two new weapons and two new operators, and explore four multiplayer maps in different group sizes. But also new game modes, bundles, challenges and other things should be added in the course of the sixth season.

An overview of the new features and content

In the launch week:

  • Warzone map update including the subway system
  • New limited time mode for Warzone (LTM): Armored Royale
  • New operators: Farah and Nikolai
  • New weapons: SP-R 208 and AS VAL
  • New multiplayer maps: Mialstor Tank Factory and Broadcast
  • New Gunfight Map: Station
  • New Ground War Map: Verdansk Riverside
  • New multiplayer mode: Killstreak confirmed
  • New finishing move: Vampire Bat

Later in Season Six:

  • New LTM: “Haunting of Verdansk” for Halloween (October 20th to November 3rd)
  • New weapon: Butterfly Knife
  • New multiplayer modes
    -> Week 2: Hard Point Hills & Kills
    -> Week 3: Gun Game TDM & HQ Firefight
    -> Week 4+: Gunfight Tournament & TDM Snipers Only

The full download sizes of the update again vary from platform to platform. Depending on where you play, you have to download different amounts of data. Activision reports the quantities as follows:

  • PlayStation 4: 19.3 GB
  • Xbox One: 22.66 GB
  • PC: 57 GB (MW owner) or 25.5 GB (Warzone Only)

ROKKR Royale

The sixth season starts today with the two-day e-sports tournament “Røkkr Royale”, which you can of course follow in the stream and in which the participants fight for a total prize pool of 100,000 US dollars. Organized by the Minnesota Røkkr, streamers, content creators and even some Call of Duty pros will compete and represent their new teams for the first time.

On September 29th and 30th they will all be up to mischief in Verdansk, researching the new features of the update and delivering the best possible games in a total of six hours of playing time. The tournament starts at 9 p.m. on both days and can be followed on .

CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone – Official Season Six Trailer

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