COD Mobile 4th Anniversary

Hey there, Call of Duty: Mobile fans! As we gear up to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary, let’s dive into the exciting details about the Season 10 updates, special events, and, of course, the much-awaited legendary skins. Get ready to experience a blend of the familiar and the new in this thrilling season.

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Pre-Anniversary EventsBR Prop Hunt, Ground War, BR Alcatraz competitions.
Anniversary PeriodNovember 9 – December 6.
Ranked Matches & EventsVariety of themed events during the anniversary.
The ClubReturns with new minigames and interactive elements.
New Weapons & ScorestreaksRelease of Bruen MK9 LMG, Gunship scorestreak, and nailgun.
Legendary Arsenal HighlightsSwitchblade X9 return, reduced cost for legendary weapons, special focus on KN44 (Nov 10), Bruen MK9 (Nov 18), and double draw featuring Outlaw and FFAR1 (Dec 1).
Egyptian-Themed Lucky DrawsUnique weapons and blueprints inspired by ancient Egyptian aesthetics, available weekly from November to early December.
Kurohana CrateAnticipated crate in Season 10 with new items and skins.

Upcoming Events and Activities

Pre-Anniversary Excitement

Before we hit the big day, there’s a slew of activities lined up:

  • BR Prop Hunt & Ground War: Test your skills in these intense competitions.
  • BR Alcatraz Matches: Dive into the action in the notorious Alcatraz.

Anniversary Celebrations (November 9 – December 6)

The anniversary itself is packed with non-stop action:

  • Ranked Matches & Themed Events: Showcase your skills and enjoy unique themed challenges.
  • The Club Returns: Explore new minigames and interactive features in the Club.
  • New Weapons & Scorestreaks: Get your hands on the exclusive Bruen MK9 LMG and the powerful Gunship scorestreak, complete with an arsenal of weapons. Don’t forget the new nailgun for close-range dominance!

COD Mobile New Legendary Skins

The Legendary Arsenal

Season’s Highlights

The return of fan-favorite weapons with a unique twist is something to look forward to:

  • Switchblade X9: This beloved weapon is making a comeback.
  • Reduced Cost for Legendary Weapons: A more affordable way to enhance your arsenal.
  • KN44 & Bruen MK9: Mark your calendars for the release of these legends:
    • KN44 on November 10th
    • Bruen MK9 on November 18th
    • Switchblade X9 on November 24th
  • Double Draw Event: Featuring the legendary Outlaw and FFAR1 on December 1st.

Egyptian-Themed Lucky Draws

Get ready for a journey back in time with the Egyptian-themed Lucky Draws. These unique draws will feature exclusive weapons and blueprints every week from November until early December.

The Kurohana Crate

The gaming world is buzzing about the “Kurohana Crate” coming in Season 10. This crate is expected to include a variety of new items and skins, keeping the game fresh and exciting for players at all levels.

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  1. <strong>What can we expect in Call of Duty: Mobile's 4th Anniversary celebration?</strong>

    Expect a mix of ranked matches, themed events, the return of The Club with new minigames, and the release of new weapons and scorestreaks.

  2. <strong>What are the new legendary skins in COD Mobile Season 10?</strong>

    Legendary skins include the KN44, Bruen MK9, Switchblade X9, and special editions of Outlaw and FFAR1.

  3. <strong>What is special about the Egyptian-themed Lucky Draws?</strong>

    These Lucky Draws feature unique weapons and blueprints inspired by ancient Egyptian aesthetics, available every week from November to early December.

  4. <strong>What is the Kurohana Crate and why is it significant?</strong>

    The Kurohana Crate, anticipated in Season 10, will bring a range of new items and skins, adding excitement and variety to the game.

  5. <strong>When will the new legendary weapons be available in Season 10?</strong>

    Mark these dates:KN44: November 10thBruen MK9: November 18thSwitchblade X9: November 24thDouble Draw with Outlaw and FFAR1: December 1st.

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