How to Change Servers in Valorant

The Indian servers have been teased by Vital for quite some time now. The ping in the game was less than 50 for some professional players who recently posted their joy on social media. A high ping can cause lag when playing such titles since a low ping can cause a lag in the player’s movement. The lack of ping makes it easier for gamers to show their true potential, as having a low ping could mean the difference between winning and losing. The Indian players of Valorant play on servers in Europe and elsewhere, where their ping is generally between 90 and 100. Regional players get a ping of 30 to 40 or less, and this creates a bad experience for players with a high ping since they are unfairly competing against players with lower ping.

It has been rumored that the Indian servers will be dropped in two weeks, and many players are wondering how they can move into this regional server in Valorant. The following guide discusses the process. Let us first learn how to download and play the Valorant Game, then we will discuss how to change the servers or region in Valorant.

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How to play Valorant?

The game is available for free download and can be played on most gaming PCs. The players are matched up in a 5v5 match that pits them against the enemy team in a complex game of capture the flag. A spike or bomb must be planted by one team and defended by the other until the timer expires. In order to prevent the spike from being planted or defuse it after it is already planted, the other team must prevent it from happening. Using the different map environments, Agent special powers, and Firepower, players are able to eliminate enemy threats.

The following steps will help you download the game:

  1. The official Valorant website can be found here.
  2. You will be redirected to a login page once you click “Play Now”.
  3. Please sign in to your Riot account if you have one or create one if you don’t have one. Modes are Practice Mode, Unrated mode, competitive mode, Deathmatch, Spike rush, Escalation,

Valorant server region changing guide:

The server of Riot Games is usually set according to the region of the player. It is possible that many Indian professional players reported experiencing a sudden change in the server without actually switching the same. Therefore, these players will not need this guide as they will automatically be redirected to the new Indian Valorant servers. There is no direct option in the game to change a player’s area in and around the Indian region, which can pose several issues for some players. Such players may want to change servers in order to play customs with their friends. If they wish to change their server region, they can go to the Valorant support page and select the ‘Check’ button to see the current server region. The player can choose India, answer a couple more questions, and then press okay to change their regional preference in-game. If the above method does not seem to work, users can always submit a ticket to the developers so that they can investigate and hopefully resolve the issue.

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How to change your region in Valorant?

You may be surprised by the changes if you’re used to jumping regions and hopping into a new server with games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends. The Valorant game is not only region-locked and assigned by your Riot account, but you may also experience some negative consequences if you bypass that. Changing regions and bypassing the region lock will cost you those hard-earned skins and progress toward unlocking agents. But it isn’t forever. According to a senior member of the Valorant team, a feature to change regions within the same account will be available by November 2020. The release is scheduled for mid-2020.

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The best way to create multiple Riot accounts until that time is to use a VPN server, but it isn’t ideal. The assets from the original account won’t transfer over, so you’ll have to level up and unlock them for each new account. Although it isn’t the most convenient option, it’s the only one available until Riot removes the regional lock.

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