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A bloody, totally exaggerated reverse horror game with a good swing of pixel art and a dark mood? Sure, something like that can only come from Devolver. The publisher for the slightly different games has released CARRION together with WIZZ and CRCR (My Friend Pedro, Mother Russia Bleeds). A game to which almost everything named applies. But let’s start at the beginning …

Carrion game released date today 23rd July 2020.

In CARRION you do not slip into the role of a bright hero who has to fight through monster-flooded dungeons. Here you control the terrible creature CARRION. Previously imprisoned in a laboratory, the amoeba-like killer being manages to free itself. From then on, the morbid and entertaining hunt started.

CARRION Reveal Trailer:

Carrion turns the tables. 
Grab a bit of human food and grow beyond yourself. 
Source: Devolver, WIZZ, CRCR

Whether we flee or just satisfy our hunger, everyone can decide for themselves. In any case, we are smacking and gnawing through the corridors in the finest pixel art and ensure a lot of red crawls on the screen. The body of the creature is very flexible, rather than dangerous “mass” you flow around like an oversized mucus, forming deadly tentacles that you throw out after your victims, only to then stuff them greedily into your throat

The developers summarize the gameplay in a flowery way:

“CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you take on the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Track and consume those who have arrested you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear this prison down and acquire more and more devastating skills as you retaliate. ”

CARRION has been released today for PC on Steam , , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch . Speaking to The Beast at Devolver Direct last week, Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Xbox, confirmed that CARRION will also be released via Xbox Game Pass.

CARRION “Story” trailer – Become the monster:

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