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I will keep this blog post short, precise, clear and easy to understand for my readers. This will answer a question that many bloggers throughout the online world are having. Bloggers are normally confused when it comes to the frequency of updating their blog posts and how many post they do in a single day. Some bloggers claim that updating and adding new content to the blog on a daily basis is the best practice. While some other bloggers are of the view that adding new content daily won’t have any telling impact on the blog! Here, I’ll share some tips and my experience on the topic.

Updating daily is not necessary!

Your blog won’t be treated negatively even if you don’t update it in a daily basis. Take my case, for example. Tons of niche blogs of mine are updated hardly once in a month! Still, they do rank for some much searched Key Words! Ranking hasn’t been impacted due to my lazy updating habits!

Update daily if you have a huge arsenal of talented writers

If it is a multi-author niche that you are having, make it a point to update it daily. Post more than one article daily. This will enable you to share them as much as possible on social media and drive serious traffic from there. In short, if you have the resources, writers in our case, do make it a habit to post daily on your blog.

If it is a new blog, do update it daily (at least try to do that)

I’m talking about brand new blogs here. In these cases, having a good count of blog post and content often helps. It helps the bots crawl through some stuff and thus will help in good indexing and profile creation, in Google’s books. So, in the start, do update regularly, daily, if possible.

Don’t post inferior quality stuff and duplicate content

In a bid to make up for article, many bloggers, especially new ones write up poor, irrelevant and duplicate content. This, in the long term will do harm to the blog’s chances at SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

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Better to update a blog less frequently than to stuff it up to the brim daily with poor stuff! You got my point, right?

I promised that I will keep the article short and sweet! And true to my promise, it is time to end this article now. Hope that it has been of some help to you guys.

Ovais Mirza

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