BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts in India! ESL has just announced the much-anticipated BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series event, opening the doors for teams across the country to showcase their skills. This is not just another gaming tournament; it’s a battleground where underdog teams get a shot at glory alongside some of the best in the business. And here’s the kicker – there’s a whopping ₹1 crore up for grabs in prize money!

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IntroductionESL announces BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series, a major gaming event in India with a ₹1 crore prize fund.
Event PhasesThree phases: Conquest Open, Challenge Season, and Challenge Finals. Top 8 from Conquest advance to Challenge Season, leading to the LAN Challenge Finals.
Registration ProcessSimple steps on the official website: log in, fill details, attach ID proofs, and submit.
Important GuidelinesAge requirement (16+), prompt In-Game Name updates, maintain respectful gaming, use the latest game version.
Exclusive Invitations24 directly invited teams for the second stage remain undisclosed. Await the official announcement for their identities

Event Phases: Conquest Open, Challenge Season, and Challenge Finals

The BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series is divided into three action-packed phases – Conquest Open, Challenge Season, and Challenge Finals. The journey kicks off with the Conquest Open, where a fierce competition among 2048 teams will determine the crème de la crème. The top eight performers from this phase will advance to the Challenge Season.

In the Challenge Season, these top eight squads will face off against 24 directly invited teams in a 12-day battle royale. The stakes are high, with only the best making it to the final round – the Challenge Finals. This last showdown will be a LAN event, promising intense gaming action that will decide the ultimate champions.

Registering for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series – Step by Step

Here’s your chance to be part of this epic gaming saga. Follow these simple steps to register for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Head over to the official website of the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series and log in using your email address.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Fill in the necessary information, including your name, email address, In-Game Name (IGN), team logo, and details of your team members.

Step 3: Attach ID Proof

Don’t forget to attach a valid ID proof for yourself and your teammates. This step ensures fair play and confirms the eligibility of all participants.

Step 4: Submit Your Entry

Once all the details are in place, hit the submit button and voilà! You’re officially in the running for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series.

Important Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Before you dive into the gaming action, here are some crucial guidelines to ensure a fair and respectful competition:

  • Age Requirement: All players must be sixteen years or older to participate in the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series.
  • In-Game Name Updates: Any changes to your In-Game Name must be promptly communicated to the tournament management.
  • Respectful Gaming: Maintain sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Avoid using in-game names that could be considered disrespectful based on race, gender, religion, nationality, or any other characteristic.
  • Use the Latest Game Version: Players must use the most recent version of the game to ensure a level playing field.

Exclusive Invitations: The 24 Unrevealed Teams

The anticipation is real! The identities of the 24 teams directly invited to the second stage of the competition are still under wraps. Keep an eye out for the big reveal in the coming days.

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FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

  1. <strong>1. How can I register for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series?<br></strong>

    Follow the simple steps outlined on the official website to register for the event. Remember to provide accurate details and attach valid ID proofs for you and your teammates.

  2. <strong>2. What are the age requirements for participating in the tournament?<br></strong>

    All players must be sixteen years or older to be eligible for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series.

  3. <strong>3. Can I change my In-Game Name during the tournament?<br></strong>

    Yes, you can, but it’s crucial to promptly notify the tournament management of any changes to your In-Game Name.

  4. <strong>4. Are there any restrictions on the in-game names players can use?<br></strong>

    Yes, players are advised to keep in-game names respectful and avoid any content that could be considered disrespectful to others based on their race, gender, religion, nationality, or other characteristics.

  5. <strong>5. How will the 24 directly invited teams be revealed?<br></strong>

    The identities of the 24 invited teams will be unveiled during the second stage of the competition. Stay tuned for updates on the official announcement.

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