BGMI New Season C6S16 Details, Rewards

Hey there, fellow BGMI enthusiast! Ready to dive into the latest season of Battlegrounds Mobile India? Let’s break down all the juicy details and rewards awaiting you in Cycle 6 Season 16 (C6S16)!

What’s Cooking in C6S16?

So, the new season kicked off on April 6 and it’s running hot until May 30. Get your gear ready because there are some sweet rewards up for grabs, thanks to the BGMI 3.1 release. Each season brings something new to the table, and this one is no different!

What’s on the Rewards Menu?

Let’s talk loot! Here’s a rundown of what you can score at each rank:

Bronze1x Supply Crate Coupon, 300 Season tokens
Silver1x Classic Crate Coupon, 350 Season tokens
GoldC6S16 Set, 400 Season tokens
PlatinumC6S16 Glasses, 500 Season tokens
DiamondC6S16 M24 Skin, 600 Season tokens
Crown3x Rating Protection Card, C6S16 Crown name tag, 800 Season tokens, Crown exclusive effects
AceC6S16 Mask, C6S16 Ace name tag, C6S16 Ace title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace exclusive effects
Ace MasterC6S16 Cover, C6S16 Ace Master name tag, C6S16 Ace Master title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Master exclusive effects
Ace DominatorC6S16 Ace Dominator avatar, C6S16 Ace Dominator name tag, C6S16 Ace Dominator title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Dominator exclusive effects
ConquerorC6S16 Conqueror avatar frame, C6S16 Conqueror name tag, C6S16 Conqueror title, 1200 Season tokens, Conqueror exclusive effects

How Do I Get My Hands on These Rewards?

Simple! Just play classic matches and climb up those tiers. To claim your rewards, you’ll need to finish at least five matches at each tier. Once you’ve completed five matches, you can find your rewards waiting for you next to your rank in the tier rewards area.

What’s Up with the Royale Pass?

Ah, the Royale Pass – every BGMI player’s ticket to exclusive goodies! In C6S16, we’ve got the Radiant Bloom A5 Royale Pass. This pass unlocks some seriously cool stuff, including an upgradeable Pan skin that’s exclusive to BGMI.

Pan Skin Upgrade, You Say?

Yep! This Pan skin is not your average kitchenware. It’s upgradeable, baby! With three different levels to unlock, the highest level even comes with an animation for your elimination broadcasts. Now that’s what I call frying up some style!


  1. 1. Can I still claim rewards if I don’t play at each tier?

    Absolutely! As long as you finish at least five matches at each tier, you’re eligible for the rewards.

  2. 2. Do I need to purchase the Royale Pass to get all the rewards?

    Nope! While some exclusive items are only available through the Royale Pass, you can still snag plenty of goodies by climbing the ranks.

  3. 3. What happens if I don’t finish all my matches in a tier?

    No worries! Your progress will still be saved, so you can pick up right where you left off when you return.

  4. 4. Are there any special events happening during C6S16?

    Keep an eye out for in-game events and challenges that may pop up during the season. They often come with their own set of rewards!

  5. 5. Can I trade or gift my rewards to other players?

    Unfortunately, no. Rewards are tied to your account and cannot be transferred to other players.

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