What is the Best Whatsapp Alternatives

No one would like to miss a chance of being at Whatsapp. But however, there can be few Whatsapp haters for some personal reason who would like to look for an alternative app. The best messaging Apps after Whatsapp are Hike Messenger, Facebook Messenger, We chat, Viber, Skype etc.  Here are some of the best Whatsapp alternatives you can give a try. 

Hike Messenger

The next best messaging app is Hike Messenger. It gained lot of popularity because of its unique and attractive features and offers. It provided free talk time for referrals upto INR 20. Hike has extra features which are not found in other Apps like Free Hike SMS to India, Higher MB file Attachment upto 100MB, funny and creative stickers etc.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is already a world famous social networking site, when the facebook messenger was launched, it did not require any marketing or promotion. All the facebook followers eventually downloaded the app which comes up with all the facebook friends in the list. You can also synchronize the messenger the with phone contact numbers in your mobile.


This is majorly similar to Whatsapp, but comes up with extra features than Whatsapp. One can make Audio calls with walkie – Talkie mode, which is an interesting and funny means of communication for towards world. It also comes up with many lovely stickers, all in all, it is one of the entertainment pack app for users.


Viber has a really attractive interface with various stickers and features. You can use Viber to make free calls and messages all around the world to people who have Viber installed in there system.


Mobile Skype is another best alternative which provides free messaging and calling from Skype to Skype. It also allows calls at lower cost within local, national and international calls to mobile and landline numbers.

Well, these apps have been released with more features and effects in it. One thing which goes missing in these apps is the family, friends and acquaintance. Whatsapp assures the presence of all of these by default and this makes a huge difference. The best part about Whatsapp is that you can install Whatsapp on your PC very easily which is another reason of his popularity.


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