Best VPN for Playing PUBG Mobile

Best VPN for Playing PUBG Mobile

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the best VPN’s players can be considered to use for playing PUBG. By keeping all the points in mind it is quite easy to see that which VPN is the best suit for the players to play the game PUBG smoothly. As the game is thoughtfully planned and that is why it is intricately designed as a PUBG game. It is quite clear to think that the game is not any fault but that is only correct to a certain extent as many people do not agree with this saying. Even as per many upper organizations as well countries find this claim not true at all. In well-developed countries like America, various rules allow the people to play the game anywhere they want but, in few countries, out there are few restrictions enabled that does not allow the citizen to play the game in certain areas.

In other countries like India where the game of PUBG was banned due to dispute between countries due to which the Game was banned as a part of a digital surgical strike. Along with the PUBG game, 117 other Chinese apps was also banned. This was a piece of heartbreaking news for many PUBG lovers in the country but there was not no way through which the decision made by the government can be taken back. From that time players also found out that maybe the use of VPN’s can help them play this very game. This is one theory out of many possible theories made claimed by players. But many times, the restriction made by developers of the game is not that simple to be cracked. But in many countries, people are making use of VPN to play this game despite the restriction implemented by the government against the PUBG game. Well, that’s lucky for sure. Now coming to the method by which the restriction made by government authorities can be disabled is by using a virtual private network (VPN). By now many hardcore PUBG players in many countries have started using some powerful VPNs. But like any other service VPN also has its set of pros and cons. Let’s see some of these VPNs in brief and then you can make a choice which one suits you the best. As not all the VPNs created are the same. Some can access a lot of blocked content while some have limitation to certain content. Here we will discuss the top three VPNs widely in use by a lot of famous players around the globe.

PUBG has been played by millions around the globe and is one of the most popular and addictive multi-player games. PUBG is addictive, entertaining and fun. It does not stop entertaining, but also enables players to socialise with their built-in chat system. However, this includes some geo-restrictions and safety concerns online, which increase the number of players looking for the best VPN for mobile PUBG.

Let’s look at the top VPNs to play without any delay PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Remember that the use of a VPN may not be sufficient to protect your account. Also, it is not necessary to play PUBG with a VPN, but the use of a VPN to play this game will help in some ways.

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118 mobile applications, including PUBG, were banned by the Indian government on September 02. It is an incredibly popular multiplayer shooting game in India with over 50 million active users. You may not have access to your favourite online gaming application if you are in India. But don’t worry, you still have an opportunity to strike. You can enhance your overall PUBG experience by finding the right VPN provider and protect yourself from vulnerabilities. A premium VPN could be a good choice for your browsing and gaming needs. Take a look how each of these top-class VPN providers successfully tackles PUBG bans.

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You don’t have to worry if you want to play this action-packed royal battle game but use a lower-middle smartphone, Android, with less ram power. This is because you can download and play PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite toned-down version. This version of the game is about PUBG Mobile’s thrill on low-end mobile phones. PUBG Lite is also blocked in many countries, similar to PUBG Mobile. To unlock it in blocked areas, you need a good PUBG VPN. Check out our article about how PUBG Lite can be downloaded from Anywhere 2020, how to avoid geographical constraints, and how to download and play PUBG Lite.


  • Surfshark VPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

#1. Surfshark

Surfshark’s VPN is a great choice for gaming with more than 1000 servers in 60+ countries. It offers high velocity and unlimited bandwidth. The number of devices that you can simultaneously connect and connect the VPN to all your devices is not restricted. Surfshark VPN comes with 256-bit high encryption, providing leak protection for DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC. If the VPN connection drops, you can remain anonymous by blocking the internet connection.

Surfshark does not log your data and helps circumvent international internet restrictions. It has a malware scanner and an adblocker. You can also pay anonymously for your service with cryptocurrency. Whenever you want to support, you can contact the Surfshark support team available 24 hours a day. Apps for macOS, Linux, Windows and iOS are available. The VPN on your router can also be configured to protect all your devices.

#2. NordVPN

The first VPN we will be talking about is considered the strongest choice that can be used for playing the PUBG game. This VPN has been trusted for a long time and this is the reason behind its high rating as a VPN service provider. This VPN has a lot of services to provide and among which one of the popular services is related to banned games. This has made it quite popular among gamers around the globe. To start NordVPN has a variety of content that it can easily access. Some such content is Netflix, Facebook, PUBG regardless there ban in various countries.  as far as we are considering it for PUBG the VPN is quite effective regardless of the restriction. But as everything has some negative traits here the cost is the one. Let’s now see the pros and cons of using this VPN:


  1. This provides a wide range of services in many possible areas
  2. The customer service is of high quality
  3. The platform is safe to use as its double encrypted


  1. It’s quite expensive to use due to its package services offered  

NordVPN will help you to overcome the PUBG mobile lagging problem with over 5000 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN is a feature-rich VPN with all the features that a VPN could expect.

NordVPN is our second choice to unblock PUBG. This VPN offers super fast speeds and is excellent for 4K videos streaming. This shows that it will also be great for PUBG. It allows up to 6 simultaneous connections so you can use the VPN on six devices simultaneously. You can not only play PUBG without any delaying problem but also watch geo-restricted NordVPN content.

NordVPN offers 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection against DNS and IPv6. It follows a strict policy of no logging. NordVPN has an ad-blocker and malware scanner and special servers for countries with strong restrictions on the internet.

It accepts a range of payment methods including Bitcoins to ensure full anonymity. It has an excellent customer support team 24 hours a day to assist you with your requests. NordVPN mainly has macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android apps. This VPN can also be installed on routers.

#3. ExpressVPN

This VPN is also one of the greatest options to consider and that is why it’s used by a lot of people around the globe. It has a wide number of servers that can provide smooth as well as fast connections that are used to secure the information hidden in several tunnels. Now coming to the speed then this VPN has the fastest connection and that is why the download rate is awesome as compared to other VPNs. But it has a limitation when we consider that how many devices it can give connection to. Let’s now see the pros and cons of using this VPN:


  1. The connection is established very fast by the use of this VPN
  2. The downloading speed is quite high
  3. Apart from this, there are no record keeping criteria


  1. This VPN is only compatible with 3 devices at once
  2. The company is not considered to be transparent

ExpressVPN is another popular VPN with approximately 3,000 servers in 94 different countries. This VPN is also an ideal way to unblock geo-restricted content such as Netflix and PUBG. This VPN has the fastest PUBG servers without delays.

ExpressVPN is extremely easy to use because all configurations are automatic. High speeds and unlimited bandwidth are among the most wanted functions, because when you play your favourite game, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth limits. ExpressVPN enables users to connect up to five devices simultaneously. The unbreakable encryption of your internet traffic is secured at 256-bit. It also safeguards against leakage of IPv6, DNS and WebRTC. The kill switch helps to block your internet connection if your VPN connection is lost.

ExpressVPN accepts payments made through bitcoins for more anonymity. ExpressVPN follows a strict no-log policy and provides customer support through live chat 24/7. ExpressVPN has Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android applications. It may also be installed on routers, so that all of your devices can be secured at once.

#4. CyberGhost VPN:

Now talking about the third VPN which is known as CyberGhost VPN. This is a good option when games like PUNG is considered. Like other VPNs, this also does not keep any record of the online activities done online. The platform is safe to use to access the restricted data. This is even widely used to unblock several restricted games across the world. A negative feature in this VPN is that the server is purely based on countries that sometimes can create a lot of problem for the users. Let’s now see the pros and cons of using this VPN:


  1. There is no concept of record-keeping
  2. The VPN is considered for torrenting as well as streaming


  1. The services access are limited in number
  2. The success rate is kind of low as it depends on the countries ban list


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