Best names for pets in Free Fire

Garena free fire is one of the most played game in today era with a huge fan following coming from player around the globe. The developers of this game always try to ensure that the players linked to this game get the best experience in all the things possible such as gameplay, plot, characters, powers and even pets. As per online resources, the game has even been declared as the most unique free to play royale games that is been around for some time. The game, however, enjoys a huge audience of players coming from the Indian gaming community and thus has provided a lot of exposure to professional players as well which is quite amazing for the young players who have just started playing this amazing game. The game of free fire is something you can see all over the internet. Since the launch of the game free fire, it has been the favourite of many players and that is the reason within a small duration of time the game has managed to acquire achieving a huge number of player support and followers indeed.

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Apart from this, the game has the most download game in 2019. The players have also made the game the most voted game on various websites online. For this even the game has achieved various awards and is still counting. As it is already known that the game free fire is one of the most amazing games in which new feature are added from time to time. Well, this is mostly done so that the player can enjoy the game to its fullest and never get bored with its feature that is not been updated for a long time. The most unique thing that is been noticed here is that the characters as well pets in the game of free fire is updated every possible time with some exceptional feature that surprises the players each time, they choose to use one.

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Not only this but the developers also try to add new content in the game such as new events, game modes, cosmetics, plot and much more than all these. This is mainly done to bring freshness to the game each time. If we speak about the pets in the free fire game then this is one of the most liked features of all time. And that is the reason this is always been a great inclusion to the game and many players have enabled this feature to keep a buddy in the company while playing matches. The other thing that is so special about these pets is that they are exceptionally cute and buff them is a negligibly interesting thing someone is desiring to do. It is however true that these pets do not impact the match in any condition but it is true that they are nevertheless noticeable. In this article, we are going to discuss the best names for pets used in the game of free fire. All the names listed below are unique and has a different style altogether. So, if you are someone who is been searching for some great names for your pet in the free fire game then keep reading the article to find one. As just like in real life human has great connection or bond with their pets the same concept is been applied when it comes to the pets been used in the game as they are not less than that. All the names mentioned below are exceptionally cute and adorable for one’s pet. Kindly make sure that you choose the name as per the type of pet you possess or else the name would not match with the personality overall. But before that let us see some miscellaneous information regarding the concept of pets in this game.

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Main Features of Pets in Free Fire

  1. The pets are programmed in such a manner that it follows the player everywhere they go. This is mainly due to the special ability they are granted with
  2. The pets wait outside any structure and they appear suddenly at the time of exit
  3. All the pets in the game are not at all visible to the enemies
  4.  The abilities within the pet are quite passive but some abilities can be shared with other teammates from time to time.
  5. If by any chance player dies then the pet disappears automatically.  
  6. Also, if the pet is disbanded in the game, then that does not mean that the abilities they possess will disappear.
  7. The selected player in the game can be put to rest whenever the player wishes to do so.

List of Best Pet Names in Free Fire

  1. Monster
  2. Quest
  3. Phoenix
  4. DED
  5. ACID
  6. DEMON
  7. WOLF
  9. GHOST
  10. SUMMER
  11. HUNTER
  13. MIRROR
  14. VENOM
  15. OWL
  16. RAPTOR
  17. FLEDGE
  18. HAUNT
  19. FRIGHT


All the names shared above is unique to be used. Kindly try these. I hope the article was useful.

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