How to Select the Best Mobile Phone Plans

In a world with several mobile carriers offering almost similar service, a new entrant to the game of mobile phone plans may be left confused as to the best option to go for. This is expected going by the high number of deliberately confusing advertising and commercials. However, with a little bit of extra research you can settle on a great mobile phone plan that will allow you freedom to move without your phone locking, and will also open up cheaper phone tariffs for you.

Selecting the Right Carrier

The choice of a good mobile plan starts with choosing a good carrier network. When selecting a carrier network you should check for quality and coverage of their network. This is essential since there’s no reason having a new phone on a new mobile contract yet the network is poor. If you are travelling to a large country like Australia, then searching online for mobile plans Australia will yield a short list of companies which may share the same network as the one you are on. For example, if you are in the United States, and you are heading to Australia, you may find it easy to remain on a large network like Vodafon or T-Mobile, which are in both countries rather than go for a smaller network.

Picking the Best Mobile Phone Plans

Once you have picked a carrier, its time to pick a mobile phone plan. The elements of a good mobile phone plan are that you should be able to predict the costs of calls, texts and data down to single units. This allows you to plan how much to spend on a monthly basis on your communication. Pick a mobile phone plan that offers great tariffs on calls and data. Most networks may offer tariffs for calls after midnight, but a few will also offer tariffs earlier in the day if you buy a stock bundle. This is a great option if you are buying mobile phone plans for a family or job group.

Ensure there is Great Coverage

Coverage is crucial and your chosen carrier should have quality network. There is no need to rush for the latest 5G network if it won’t be reliable when travelling. Therefore, your choice of mobile phone should first prioritize network, cost on premiums and then the rest follow. Also choose a network that has affiliate agreements with other networks for network share. This is crucial since when travelling you will need to pay for roaming costs and the roaming costs will depend whether there is a network share or not. Generally, the larger the network, the more infrastructure it has to ensure quality network.


Whether you are getting on a mobile plan for your family or yourself, you should always incorporate other network options such as WiFi or broadband. These are crucial in reducing your data costs since nowadays, most communication is online. With fast and reliable WiFi, you won’t need an expensive mobile phone plan and you can therefore settle on a cost friendly one.

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