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The global industry of mobile gaming has worth more than $165.9 billion as per the data analysed in the past few years. The industry has undergone major changes and due to all the advanced changes implemented the sector is now one of the most important places that are considered for purposes like investment and growth. However, the annual growth rate of this colossal industry has been noted to be about 12.9%. With every day, the amount of people getting connected with this sector is in billions and as per recent data, 1.39 billion people are already active participants. Playing video games on our Android phones is quite common as well as a favourite pastime of people nowadays. But three are few annoying things about these video games that keep us stuck at some point and that is the time all the fun is being taken away. For getting out of these annoying features enabled within the game few hacking tools are quite easy to be used. In this article, we are going to look at some of the popular tools which are highly used by a lot of professional players. So, if you are someone who has been struggling with the android games’ annoying stuck up features then kindly read the article till the end. Let’s start the list without wasting any more time.  

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Few of the hacking tools listed below require rooted devices as an initial requirement. So if you make use of a rooted device then the tools can be utilized to the very extent. But in case you are not having a rooted device then also there is nothing serious to worry about. As most of the hacking apps are designed in such a fashion that they can be used without breaking the laws of Android and will do what they are meant for.

#1. Xmodgames:

At first number, we have one of the most used as well as proven hacking tools designed for Android games. This is a very powerful tool to be used. There are certain things it is excellent at such as power-ups, infinite ammo, money, power and many other important things. With this tool, the player can easily increase or decrease the graphics of games. However, the tool demands a rooted device to use this tool. This is mainly because the tool requires some sort of superuser permissions. The UI of this tool is kind of beautiful to be used as it can be easily cleaned and used.

#2. Game Guardian:

This is our second tool that supports Android version 2.3.3 or higher. It provides some exceptional services to its users. The players however can enjoy the game at any particular part without investing long hours. The interface offered in the app looks pretty decent and it has a lot of built-in features too. This is the ultimate hacking tool one can say. With that, it even supports emulators such as PPSSPP, ePSXE and many more. The hacking tool even enables the players to enjoy PSP games with minor changes. This is one of the most popular hacking tools for Android games in use.

#3. Freedom:

This is the third Android game hacking app on our list. So if you are someone who enjoys playing subway surfers and temple runs then this is the best hacking app you can probably use. This is mainly because the tool allows the players to generate an infinite number of coins and makes the gaming life easy as you can achieve the premium stuff for free. This is however possible as freedom allows the players to bypass in-app purchases to unlock the freedom available to paid users only. Most of the trending games are supported by this very tool.

#4. Cheat Engine:

This is the fourth android hacking app on our list. Cheat Engine is an open-source hacking app that mainly allows its users to change in single-player games. There are many things possible to be done such as speedrunning, unlocking premium items, getting infinite health, ammo and many more things. There is however only one flaw within this game which is it mostly supports offline single-player games. Also for using this the players must have some technical knowledge as it’s kind of tricky to be handled. With this, it can even understand the scripts of apps and games quite easily.

#5. Hackerbot:

This is at the fifth position on our list. If you are a player who mainly prefers modded games over original games which are published by real developers. Then this game is the perfect one for you. This app mainly provides a Google-based search engine. As with help of this, you can find legitimate modded games for free. The best part of these modded games is that they have their private servers. These games are different from the original games. In short, hacker bot is an alternative to torrent and that is the reason it is targeted specifically by gamers.


I hope the information shared above would be useful to most of my readers.               

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