Best Free Fire top-up websites in India

Best Free Fire top-up websites in India

The game Free Fire is one of the most popular games in this era and the reason why this game is becoming so popular among the players is due to the features been offered from the side of game developers from time to time. The players who are linked to this very game know that how the game always try to come up with some excellent features so that can prevent its players from getting bored over some time. Now coming to things that are been offered within the game which is sure that players can make use of in-game diamonds to purchase a wide range of items and these items are quite exclusive to use. But one thing to note down here is that none of these exclusive items offered within the game comes for free and the players are required to use the in-game money to purchase these items. Now the in-game money is something that players need to buy with the use of real money of course. In such regards, there are several players out there who do not prefer to invest huge amounts of money in such games and that is the reason the demand for top-up websites has increased in past few years. Mainly though these kinds of sites, the players can potentially earn several offers that can be used to achieve in-game currency and that too is just done by investing a limited amount of money. Nowadays almost every player out there has used these so-called top-up websites at least once. Even if we see streams of many known players there also those players who suggest the new players use one of these top-up websites. Several sites offer top-up advantages to their users. Thus, in this very article, we going to look at some of these websites and the process of how the players can use them. So, if you are a player who is linked to the Free Fire game and is in looking out for such top-up websites then my friend you are at the correct place just keep on reading the article further to know more. I hope till the end of this article you may have all the answers you want.

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This list consists of some popular top-up websites used by mainly known players of Free Fire:

#1. Google Play Store:

There is no doubt that the Google play store is one of the most trusted as well convenient top-up websites used by millions of players around the globe. In this list, there are more than 50% active users of Android smartphones. While talking about the Indian gamers then I would say that these are the websites every player always has eyes on. Here is the way one can use to top-up diamonds in India using the Google play store.

  1. Firstly, open the Free Fire game app and then go to the home screen in there tap on the diamond icon to open the option of top-up centre
  2. After this kindly choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase
  3. Now the payment page will open kindly choose the mode of payment complete it and then you are good to go.

In the Google play store, many events are organized from time to time but these events are limited so the players have to keep on checking all the time.

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#2. Games karido:

Now after Google play store one more Top-up site that quite famous is known as games karido. This top-up website is also used by many known players who are linked to the Free Fire game. Even if you are a new player, you must at least have heard about it that I am sure about.

This website is empowered by Garena and that is the reason it’s even known as the official top-up centre of garena Free Fire in India. Let’s see how can this website be used.

  1. Go to the website of game karido
  2. On the site kindly log in using your respective Garena Free Fire ID or Facebook account.
  3. After this kindly choose the number of diamonds you need
  4. Move forward for payment using your preferred mode
  5. After the payment is confirmed go back to the game and recheck

Recently the website is offering great deals to the players with the offer of a 100% bonus.

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#3. Codashop:

This website is not new to any Asian player and so do for the Indian Free Fire lovers. This website may not offer great deals like game karido but still, players use it as this platform can help them save a huge amount of money and this is done just by topping up this centre. As per the website the players can get the cashback up to 500 just by topping up the site for the first and the third time. Let’s see how can we use it.

  1. Firstly, visit the codashop Free Fire top-up page
  2. In the platform provide your Free fire ID
  3. Now choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase
  4. After this do the payment using the suitable mode
  5. After the payment is confirmed go to the game and recheck

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I hope the information been shared above was useful to all my readers  


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