Best Free Fire sensitivity settings

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings

The Garena free fire game is getting a lot of player support for the last few months. Several famous players have recently got in touch with this game and are recommending it to other players as well as their fans to play and explore the amazing things available inside. The sensitivity settings available in this game help the player to enjoy the maximum output of the game in action. Unlike all other games, the sensitivity settings help the players to play the game more efficiently. This will surely increase their consistency with the game and more use of the available settings. The professional players who play this game often use the high sensitivity settings to experience the high output offered by the game.

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This way the result is more précised in their cases. But this does not mean that it even is applied to all the casual player who is often the beginners in the game. This surely requires maximum time to get used to so that the available chances are not missed. The more you play the better will be your results and that is confirmed for sure. So, if you are looking to know about all the important sensitivity setting available in the game of free fire than this article is for you as here, we are going to discuss the best free fire sensitivity settings through which the game results can be improved as per the required changes made by the respective players. Choosing the best sensitivity settings in the game of free fire may be a difficult task for a player who is just a beginner. All these players often play the game according to the default settings made available in the game. However, the little modification made will be able to change a lot of things that may be a very nice thing to play with. In this manner, the player will be able to play better, hit more head shorts than usual and will be able to move more effortlessly than they use to do. So, what are these settings that can bring that much change? Well unfortunately these are not something magical but can surely be termed as basic tips that can improve the way one approaches his game in a slightly different or advanced way. This makes the player play the game a little bit better than usual. As we know different players have a different preference as well as needs while they are playing and hence it would be highly supportive if all these sensitivity settings can be customized that will match the need from match to match. A great help to bring out the skills of the player is one of the main needs here.

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Let’s now see all the important sensitivity settings available:

  1. At first, we will start from the general sensitivity settings. In this sensitivity setting the players can move fast as compare to their normal speed. The best sensitivity range that is offered to the players would start from 50 to 90 depending upon the different preferences made. Players must keep one thing in mind that they would need to adapt to the high sensitivity setting so that their usual game can be improved somehow. This is however overwhelming for many known players.   
  2. The second thing that we are going to look upon is the red dot. Here the players will be able to change the settings which are responsible for the use of the red dot scope in the free fire game. For this, they mainly look at the value in the range from 65 to 90 depending upon the preferences. It the sensitivity is lower the player will not be able to take proper headshots. While the higher sensitivity will surely help to achieve all these. This is the way the players will be able to secure more kills in the matches of the free fire game.
  3. The third thing we will be looking at is the 2X and 4x scope available within the game. One thing that is important to take care of is that both the scope mentioned is similar in many cases. The thing is that we have bunched them together. The player has a sensitivity of 65 to 95 which will surely help them to smoothly track down their enemies and then eliminate more people in the free fire game.  
  4. The fourth thing that we will take about is AWM scope. As the name makes clear it is one of the best rifles presents in the game and the sensitivity settings mainly affect how fast the player can open the required scope while he is drawing the gun. The most preferable spot will be between the range from 70 to 90 as it is just enough to help all the gamers to land quickly in the short time available.

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Before the actual games start the players must change all these sensitivity settings as per the preferences. This will surely allow them to practice the methods and get used to them within no time. The mode of handling the weapons and other new settings will improve their gameplay for sure.


Kindly try out these sensitivity settings if you are also a free fire player. I hope the information made available was useful to all my readers. 


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