Best finger claw setting pubg mobile

Best finger claw setting pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile, a multiplayer game, has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity, and it’s easy to see why. The game has properly optimized graphics, allowing it to run on phones with lower-tier processors, a dedicated in-game audio channel for team communication, and, most importantly, extremely engaging gameplay that has drew in millions of players. Not only do people enjoy playing it, but they also enjoy watching others play it.

The control setup in PUBG Mobile can be customized by the player according to their preferences. Depending on their preferences, players use various types of control. Players employ a variety of setups, including the two-finger/thumb setup and the claw setup.

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Two-Finger/Thumb Control

This is by far the most common type of control used by players, and it is how nearly all of us began playing the game. The button alignment is obviously customizable to the players’ preferences, but in general, it entails moving with one finger/thumb while looking with the other. During an engagement, one thumb/finger will be required to fire, leaving the other finger/thumb free to look or move.

The obvious disadvantage here is that you can’t look, move, and shoot all at once. On the plus side, this is a technique that does not necessitate pro-level mastery. When confronted with an enemy at a distance, the most obvious option is to take cover and return fire while only looking around and not moving. Athena, a South Korean gamer, uses the two thumb control and is extremely effective at killing opponents with it.

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The 4 finger claw setup

This is what the majority of pro-gamers use, and it’s easy to see why. As the name implies, four-finger claw control is a technique that involves using the index and thumb fingers on both hands. The device is held in place by three fingers on both hands, allowing you to move your other four fingers in a claw-like motion. In terms of gameplay, the four-finger claw is the most effective way to establish dominance.

In PUBG Mobile, what is the 4 finger claw setup?

Six fingers hold the mobile in the player’s hand in the four-finger claw setup, while the other four fingers move like claws. The main benefit of this setup is that it allows the player to simultaneously jump, move, look around, and shoot. It provides the player with a tactical advantage in close combat.

Players prefer the four-finger setup over the two-finger setup because the two-finger setup makes it impossible to move, shoot, and look around at the same time.

The main reason for this is that in close combat, this technique allows you to simultaneously jump, move, look around, and shoot. It’s almost impossible to kill a player who has mastered this technique. When your squad is attempting to kill another squad in close combat in a house, for example, four finger claw gives you an advantage on stairwells when the enemy is shooting from above. Far-range combat is similar to close-range combat, with the addition of the ability to jump while shooting to avoid returning fire.

It is recommended that you make changes to the parameters based on your personal preferences and the device you are using to play while using the aforementioned setup.

Using the ‘Peek & Fire’ setting in conjunction with the ‘Peek & Open Scope’ setting would allow you to shoot at a target while remaining concealed.

Dragging your fingers down the screen allows you to move around and control the recoil, while the index finger should be used for shooting and peeking.

The next step is to determine the ideal sensitivity for this setup. The best sensitivity settings for various setups are listed below.

ADS sensitivity with a four-finger claw (Non-gyro)

3rd Person No Scope: 120%

1st Person No Scope: 104%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60%

2x: 36%

3x: 27%

4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 17%

6x: 14%

8x: 12%

These ADS settings make recoil control easier. However, adjustments can always be made based on personal preferences.

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Five Finger Claw Control

Five fingers are used in this absolute OP method, with the extra finger on the side where the scope button is located. This style of play also allows you to scope in, in addition to all the other things you can do with the four finger control. Mastering this technique will almost certainly give you complete control of the game.

The main issue is that this is a technique that necessitates a great deal of finger coordination. Apart from that, the device’s weight will be supported by two fingers on one hand, creating a slight imbalance and making the device wobbly. I attempted this mode and failed miserably, but popular streamer Iconic of clan SOUL plays with five fingers and has clearly become a champion of the game.


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