Best COD Sensitivity with Gyroscope

The game which is popular among a lot of players nowadays apart from PUBG is Call of Duty in short known as COD. The game is quite famous because here the players are given access to customize anything they want. The game of COD has various in-game settings that the players set up according to their way of play so that they can improve the gameplay and also improve their playing experience from time to time. Usually seen that the players alter the settings to compete against the opponent. As per the choice of many players, they prefer to play the COD mobile game in its royal battle mode. It is one of the most played modes. Apart from this many players are never able to set the perfect sensitivity setting by themselves and hence they mainly search for better results online. So, if you also belong to such a category then I am happy to inform you that you are at the correct place. As in this article, we are going to discuss the best COD sensitivity with the use of a gyroscope. But before that let us try to understand the term gyroscope.

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What do we mean by the term gyroscope?

The gyroscope can be termed as one of the many sensors that are used to build the smartphone of this generation. It is mainly used to sense the earth’s gravity so that the orientation of the screen can be easily determined. In the game of COD, it is used as a helping tool that controls recoil which is important for the game. As when the gyroscope is mainly turned on then in response all the controls are affected by the actual movement of your phone. The player can also decide to set the gyroscope only for the ADS. This will help them to use this only at the time they prefer to go with the Aim down sight (ADS). So, if you want to set up the gyroscope perfectly then the main thing you should invest in time as well as effort. This is incredibly advised to be used as serves best to control the recoil. Many players can find it strange to play with this setting initially but will soon get used to it over time.

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Before we move the sensitivity settings, I would also like to provide you with the COD mobile best settings that are available for control:

Mainly in control, there are two modes available which are known as the simple and advanced mode. In simple mode, the weapons chosen by the players will be able to fire automatically. This is mainly done when your crosshair is been aimed at an enemy. While in here this sound OP, which is not because it takes a moment before the weapon can start its job of shooting but because it starts automatically when finds a perfect space around. While if we talk about the advance mode then here the player is responsible to control almost everything. You can customize all the HUD settings in this mode. I would like to mention all the basic settings that the players can make use of:

Kindly go to the setting of your smart device-> after that proceed to the about section-> in there click 7 times on the build number and soon the developer option will be seen kindly open that and then make the following changes:

  1. Windows animation scale: 5x
  2. Transition animation scale: 5x
  3. Animator duration scale: .5x
  4. Enable 4x MSAA

After this you can proceed with the basic settings:

  1. Auto Fire (Zombie) enable On
  2. Quick run (Prone) enables On
  3. Display Left Fire Button enable On
  4. Slide (Running) enable Immediately
  5. Always Sprint enable On
  6. Sensitivity fix to 65
  7. Gyroscope enable Off
  8. Invert Horizontal & Vertical Gyroscope: On (Both)
  9. Camera FOV: 38
  10. Reset Weapon Aim: Off

For the control settings approach to MP mode-> Advanced Mode-> HIP (all the weapons)

Let’s now check out some important sensitivity settings. All these listed settings will help the player to aim properly:

  1. Global Sensitivity: Custom
  2.  Turn Sensitivity (View Sensitivity): 40
  3. Sniper Rifle Sensitivity (View Sensitivity): 10
  4. Ads Sensitivity (View Sensitivity): 60
  5. Turn Sensitivity (Firing Sensitivity): 35
  6. Sniper Rifle Sensitivity (Firing Sensitivity): 15
  7. Ads Sensitivity (Firing Sensitivity): 35
  8. Turn Sensitivity (Gyroscope Sensitivity): 40
  9. Sniper Rifle Sensitivity (Gyroscope Sensitivity): 20
  10. Ads Sensitivity (Gyroscope Sensitivity): 30
  11. Turn Acceleration: On
  12. Sliding Distance Acceleration: 25

The most important COD mobile settings are helpful to improve the FSP and performance:

  1. Graphic Quality: Low or Medium
  2. Frame Rate Mod: Very High
  3. Depth of Field: Off
  4. BR Mode Graphic Style: Standard
  5. Adjust Screen: Auto
  6. Audio: Just turn off the Music Volume and the 3D Sound

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All the above-listed settings will help the player to proceed their game with the best-customized options available. I hope the article was helpful to all my readers.

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