Best characters in Free Fire that can be purchased with Coins

The free fire game is getting a lot of support from the player’s side after the game of PUBG is been boot by the government of India. There is a huge population going crazy about this game from past 4 to 5 months. The Free fire is also quite popular in the royal battle community for quite long. Most of the credit of this popularity is given to the characters being introduced in the game. All these characters have special abilities as that makes them significant in this game. Around 35 characters are being introduced in the game. There are many such characters in the game that can be bought up by the store present in the game.

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The purchase is done by gold coins or even the diamonds top-up is also made available. In this article, we are going to discuss a few characters that can be purchased with coins. The unique selection of character in this game makes the player stand out in games like Free Fire. The game has a set of characteristics that has relevant skills which can further be modified as per the user’s preference. The skills of four different character can be used against the enemy in the game. The selection of character here is mainly based on the preference of many players apart from the list there are many options also available in the game.

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Let’s move to the list without wasting any time:

#1. Hayato:

The first name in the list is Hayato. This character is quite famous among the Free Fire player. This character comes among the best offensive role any player can choose to purchase with the use of coins. He is known for the bushido passive that is mainly used to increase the overall damage been made and also against the enemies by adding extra armour penetration. Most of the players kind all these quite impressive and I can say they are not wrong in any way around. For 10% Hp this character loses he can gain 10% armour penetration which is capped out to be 90% which is pretty much for sure. This character can be purchased from the store in about 8000 coins or around 499 diamonds. This is a nice option to choose as this character can be used against all the enemies present in the Free Fire game.

#2. Miguel:

The second character in this list would be none other than Miguel. It’s also one of the favourite characters to choose from. This crazy slayer is famous for many things such as he can provide 80 EP after every kill been dome. His abilities are quite impressive as now the player can slowly regain the chip damage that is caused during the fight after successfully winning the battle. The skill is the power here and also the combo skill from the A124’s skill. This can be activated whenever you require it without any kind of worries regarding the EP cost. This is a skill build character loved by almost every player involved in Free Fire. 

#3. Laura:

The third player in the list would be Laura. This character is known for her bonus accuracy. The character acquires the 30% bonus accuracy while the aim is been made up. This skill is one of the advantages of this player in taking of the fight in the Free Fire game. The advantage is mainly visible when something with high recoil is been used such as AK. The dead silent shots are also quite impressive to observe.

#4. Maxim:

The fourth character that I would like to add up in this list is called Maxim. He is also known as a competitive eater in the game of Free Fire. The is a unique ability present inside this character known as gluttony. The skill he possesses allows him to eat as well as use his medkits even faster than 2%. But as the level increases the ability becomes powerful up to 12%. This is mainly seen between level 6 to 8. this character can also be purchased from the store at 8000 coins and 499 diamonds.  

#5. Rafael:

The fifth character in the list is known as Rafael. This is a deadly character and one of his popular ability is silent killing. This skill is quite impressive in most of the situation in the Free Fire game. He is also able to hide the gunshots on the map present in the game in about 8 seconds. This ability can be much cooldown to 90 seconds. The character is liked by many players involved in this game for a long time. 


Other than all the characters been mentioned above there are many more characters that be choose based on the user’s preference. Happy gaming.

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