How to Beat Zapdos In Pokemon Go

Players will have to do their best to take down Zapdos, the Legendary Raid Boss, in the game.

Pokemon Go players are now experiencing the summer of Legendaries. Zapdos have afflicted the popular AR-based Niantic hit. This Flying- and Electric-type Pokemon will be the latest Raid Boss until August 14. It will be more difficult to take down Zapdos than past Legendary Pokemon because Zapdos is less vulnerable. With a bit of strategy, even determined players should be able to take down Zapdos.

How To Beat Zapdos In Pokemon Go

Players looking to add Zapdos to their growing roster will face a new challenge with Zapdos. Although it has a lower defense stat than other Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos is half the weaker than other Legendary Pokemon.

Zapdos has two weaknesses: Ice and Rock. Trainers will need to create a primarily Ice- and Rock-type team. While it is possible to bring your best Ice-type Pokemon (especially Jynx), it is best to bring creatures that are strong enough to Electric. It’s also a good idea to bring along Rock-type Pokemon, especially if they are Ground-types.

This means that Golem and other Pokemon such as Rhydon are good options to defeat Zapdos. You can also choose to use Tyranitar’s Stone Edge attack and Pokemon such as Dragonite, resistant to Zapdos attacks.

Zapdos is a Raid Boss and has a CP of around 28,000 Zapdos is a Legendary boss with a base capture rate of just 3%, similar to other Legendary bosses. Players can still bring items such as Razz Berries or Golden Razz Berries, increasing the capture rate to just over 23%. This means that players should be able to capture Zapdos with five Great Throws.

Players should be able to take out Zapdos or add the Legendary creature to your roster if they are patient, skilled, and patient. If Ho-Oh is confirmed, Zapdos will be an even stronger opponent than Ho-Oh.

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