How to Beat and Capture MewTwo in Pokemon Go

How to Beat and Capture MewTwo in Pokemon Go

Players can find and conquer MewTwo through Niantic’s upcoming invite-only raid battles.

As part of the Pokemon Go Stadium event held in Yokohama (Japan), players had the chance to capture Mewtwo, the iconic Psychic-based creature. MewTwo raid fights were only available during the event. However, Niantic revealed they plan to release MewTwo worldwide as part of new invitation-only raid battles. For players from abroad, MewTwo trainers in Yokohama were able to provide information about the raid boss’s health, capture rate and weaknesses. We have listed all the information we have below for your convenience. Continue reading to learn how to defeat and capture the legendary Pokemon MewTwo using Pokemon Go.

How to Get Invited To Niantic’s Exclusive Invite-Only Raid Battles

To capture MewTwo, the first step is to have the opportunity actually to fight MewTwo. Niantic announced plans to release MewTwo into raid battles around the globe, but these battles will not be open to anyone other than a Pokemon Go player. Instead, trainers must meet several criteria before Niantic sends them an invitation.

The requirements to be invited to exclusive raid fights are relatively easy. According to a post on the official Pokemon Go website, players must have completed a raid recently and defeated the raid boss at the gym they chose to host. Although it is a bit vague, players can greatly increase their chances of being invited by participating in as many raid fights as possible throughout their localities and counties.

While this might seem like a common practice for some players, Niantic decided to offer other players the opportunity to participate in raid battles more often by releasing legendary creatures that have been revealed over the last few weeks. Players will now be an able fight and capture the legendary creatures Articuno and Moltres, Zapdos and Lugia until August 31.

How to Beat and Capture MewTwo in Pokemon Go

Players shouldn’t have trouble selecting the right Pokemon to defeat MewTwo as it is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon. MewTwo’s main attacks, based on the Psychic-type, will be extremely effective against Poison or Fighting-Type Pokemon. This means many of the creatures used to defeat raid bosses are still effective for players.

MewTwo has very few weaknesses. MewTwo, a Psychic-type Pokemon, is weak against Bug and Dark-type Pokemon. Most of the best Pokemon for raid battles are not of these types. Trainers should bring Tyranitar or Golem along, especially if they have Crunch or Bite, rather than the usual Stone Edge ability. Be on the lookout for MewTwo’s Focus Blast ability which can cause significant damage to Tyranitar.

We understand that MewTwo has a 100% capture rate from Niantic. This was true for players who participated in Yokohama’s Pokemon Go Stadium event. Every player who defeated MewTwo tried to capture the creature on their first attempt. It has yet to be determined if this rule will be enforced after MewTwo’s global release, but the 100% capture rate may still be in place. Players would be wise not to buy Golden Razz Berries or other items that might increase their chances of capturing.


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