Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India

A few months back the game of PUBG got banned in India due to a national dispute between the two countries India and China leaving all the gamers at a huge loss. From that time onwards players are desperately waiting for the game to return to the country. Just a few months back Krafton made an official announcement will be introducing a new game battleground mobile India that will be a replacement of the PUBG game in the country. Since that very time players are desperately waiting for the game to be introduced. As per official resources available the Krafton company has revealed the game pre-registration to be started from May 27 2023, onwards. This will be available for android as well iOS users. However, this date is under some doubts as the news is coming from indirect resources not directly from official news.

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), a popular mobile battle royale game, faced a ban in India due to concerns regarding data security and privacy. The game, developed by Krafton, held a significant presence in the Indian gaming community, and its sudden ban left millions of players disappointed. However, after months of negotiations and efforts to address the government’s concerns, an unban date for BGMI has finally been announced for May 2023.


BGMI, previously known as PUBG Mobile, gained immense popularity among Indian gamers. It provided a thrilling experience and a platform for players to showcase their skills in intense combat scenarios. However, in September 2020, the Indian government banned several Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, citing security concerns.

Background of the Ban

The ban on BGMI in India was a result of escalating tensions between India and China. The Indian government expressed concerns over data security, as the game was developed by Tencent Games, a Chinese company. The ban had a significant impact on the gaming community, with millions of players losing access to their favorite game and the professional gaming scene being disrupted.

Government’s Approach

The Indian government took a cautious approach towards mobile applications with potential security risks. The ban on BGMI was part of the government’s strategy to protect the personal data and privacy of Indian citizens. It aimed to ensure that user data collected by these apps was not compromised or misused.

Resolving the Issues

To address the concerns raised by the Indian government, Krafton, the developer of BGMI, collaborated with Indian authorities. They worked together to find a solution that would satisfy the government’s requirements while allowing Indian players to enjoy the game. Krafton made efforts to comply with Indian regulations by implementing stricter data security measures and establishing partnerships with local companies for data storage.

Lifted Restrictions

After months of negotiations and improvements to address the government’s concerns, Krafton announced the unban date for BGMI in May 2023. This news brought relief and excitement to the Indian gaming community. Players eagerly awaited the return of their favorite game and anticipated the new features and updates that would accompany its comeback.

Future of BGMI in India

With the unban date set, the future of BGMI in India looks promising. Krafton has expressed its commitment to the Indian market and plans to introduce significant changes and improvements to the game. These updates aim to enhance the gaming experience, cater to the preferences of Indian players, and provide a secure environment for users.

Reactions and Expectations

The announcement of the unban date for BGMI sparked a wave of excitement among players. The gaming community eagerly shared their reactions and expectations on social media platforms. Players expressed their anticipation for the return of competitive tournaments, the introduction of new maps and gameplay modes, and improvements in the overall game performance.

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There is so much confusion going around the pre-registration status as by a few coming news it must be starting from June.  the date can be in the first week. All this rush shows how much players are waiting for the game to be released. The news scattering around is yet to be confirmed by the Krafton company official to come to any conclusion about the pre-registration. In this article, we will be discussing all the important topics related to battleground mobile India in brief. So, if you are interested in knowing about the upcoming game that claims itself to take the place of PUBG in the country then kindly continue to read further. Let’s start our discussion with battleground mobile India maps and gameplay. There is a lot of buzz going on since the recent teaser of the game was released. The teaser shows a map that is kind of similar to Santok. However, the gameplay of this upcoming game is expected as similar to that is been used in PUBG mobile with a little tweak that can be used to cater for the Indian player base. This is specially done to give it a unique look overall. The game is yet been expected to be sort of similar to the Chinese version of the PUBG mobile which is popularly known as peacekeeper elite. The concept of green blood and fully dressed up characters can be used but yet the result has to have arrived when the game is finally launched.

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The next important thing to be discussed about the game is all about its privacy policy which is kind of important. As all of us are already aware of the reason why the PUBG got banned in India. All this was related to the national dispute and as concern over India’s data privacy from the Chinese apps, the digital surgical strike was established. In correspondence to the above concern, the upcoming game battleground mobile India has a set of new privacy policy designed. So as per this policy, the personal information of the players will be stored and processed on the servers been located in India and Singapore. Apart from this, the data will be transferred to other countries or regions so that the game can be operated with all necessary services that can meet the legal requirements. The event of transferring the data to other places will be assured under proper security. The game claim to take the necessary steps to ensure that the information receives the same level of protection as it is been served within the country. Apart from this it also states that all those players who are under the age of 18 will be allowed in the game if they parents’ permission. This is done by collecting their contact information handy. However, the idea of how the game will differentiate between 18-year-old or different is yet a confusion to be cleared.

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The company Krafton is yet to share much important information about the game soon as expected. The parents can contact the company and order to delete the account anytime and the request will be surely fulfilled within 24 hours of the time slot. As per the company, the game will be offering a multi-class experience to the players even just by playing on mobile. This will be however a free-to-play experience overall. There would be in-game events arranged from time to time that will be consisting many options of amazing outfits, vehicles, weapons, skins to be worn as a reward. Apart from this, the game will have its esports ecosystem with all kind of tournaments and leagues.

There are tons of information scattered over the web about this game. Well, the final things are yet to be cleared till then you could wait. The pre-registration will be starting sure by the starting of next month let’s see how thing turns out to be. It’s still a dilemma whether the upcoming game will be able to replace the level of PUBG in the country.  


The unban date for Battleground Mobile India in May 2023 marks a significant milestone for the Indian gaming community. The collaboration between Krafton and Indian authorities demonstrates the importance of addressing data security concerns while ensuring that players can enjoy their favorite games. With BGMI’s return, players can look forward to an improved gaming experience and the revival of the competitive gaming scene.


When was Battleground Mobile India banned in India?

BGMI was banned in India in September 2020.

What were the reasons behind the ban?

The ban was imposed due to concerns regarding data security and privacy, given the game’s association with Tencent Games, a Chinese company.

Has the ban been lifted?

Yes, the ban on BGMI has been lifted, and an unban date has been announced.

When is the unban date for BGMI?

The unban date for BGMI is set for May 2023.

What changes can players expect in the game?

Players can expect significant changes and improvements in the game, including enhanced security measures, new features, and updates to cater to the Indian gaming market.


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