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Among Us game has recently gained a lot of attention from a huge group of players around the globe. The game is been highly enjoyed by a bunch of friends, family members etc. In recent times there is a huge population of players joined with this popular game due to the excellent gaming concept it offers which is kind of different from all other games. In this game, a group of players enters a map where each player is assigned a set of simple tasks that they need to complete within the time set. Now the tricky part here is that within the very team there is an imposter which is a player that is there to kill the other players to win. Within the game, these imposters have a set of powers such as they can see as well as use the vents, they can kill and even sabotage various things available on the map.

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The main thing in here is that imposter has to kill all the players before all the tasks are completed without being caught by any other player this is because if he/she is been seen killing then can be thrown out of the game by calling a meeting. In such a case players win the game. All this twist and turns within the game make it much more interesting as compare to all other games presently present in the gaming market. The game of among us requires excellent skills as well as anonymity. The game however depends upon two main elements. So, if you evade the other imposter as well avoid not getting kicked out of the game then all you need to maintain anonymity in a very fashioned manner.

 It can be said that the task of kicking you out would become quite an easy task for all other players once they start their discussion in the lobby as in there, they would start putting your name in the chat to kick you out. In case scenarios the method that would work out for you is to trick your crewmates, as well as another imposter, is to by having a blank name or an invisible among us character. In this article, we are going the whole discussion on among us no name glitch which is one of the most searched topics on various search engine. So, if you are someone who has recently jumped on to among us bandwagon then you could have noticed that only a few players are been using no name within the game. With this, it is harder for all other players to identify them especially if they go on becoming an imposter. Although the colour can also be used for identification since blank are all the rage right now and is been widely used within the game. One more thing that should be kept in mind that the game among us does not allow you to start the game without a name so how exactly we are going to achieve the no-name glitch? Well, the answer is by using the Unicode character. Let’s see how this thing works and how can be it used as a blank name among us. So, what is Unicode character?

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What are Unicode characters?

These are is an encoding format for almost any kind of text-based applications that helps the system understand most of the inputs been enabled or I can say used. In total there are about 154 scripts including historical additions as well as the modern-day additions which is none other than the emojis. Simply the Unicode uses the unique characters to convey text-based information in all other different formats and from this, some of the characters are kind of invisible on the screen even if they exist. In technical terms, this means that you are going to have your name in the game but Unicode fashion. Now coming to the most important question which is.

How to Get Blank Name in Among Us?  

In the game of among us if any of the players tries to leave the character name as blank that to by purpose and then clicks the enter button to proceed further then by default that thing would not be allowed to be done in any case. However, there is a simple trick through which one can get a blank name within the game. Kindly do follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to understand how can the blank name be used in the among us game.

  1. Firstly, you need to open up a browser on your device
  2. Then kindly make use of the below-mentioned link to proceed with the Unicode website
  3. After that Unicode website is launched you need to tab and hold into the blank area which is maintained in the middle of the two inverted commas beside the word character
  4. All you have to do now is to copy the blank area
  5. After this, you require to launch the among us game on your device and then wait for the main menu to appear
  6. Now you have to click on the online option and then you require to tap on the name area
  7. After this long press on the blank area and then paste the copied Unicode at the place of the character name box
  8.  Once you are done with the pasting now tab on the ok button and with this you will enter the game
  9. Everything is done now. After this, the player can get the blank name in the among us game.


I hope the information shared above would be useful to all my readers.   

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