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Many people are great fans of broad video games nowadays. Most of such games belong to Werewolf. One such game just got launched a few months back known as Among Us. If you are a great fan then I am you are not someone who is going to miss out this game. The brand-new game is quite thrilling as per the experience of many players around the globe. This is a multiplayer game giving player action role-playing within the game. There is MOD APK version of the game available now that can be downloaded easily from the web and enjoyed with your friends or family.

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As this new game is inspired by many previous broad games made by a werewolf is also based on the concept of teamwork, beliefs and of course proper strategy is important to be mentioned. There are a group of astronauts in the game that are assigned with some regular and easy task that they are supposed to complete till the end of the game without being killed by one of the players among them as the imposter. The imposter is identical to all other players in the game so can’t be recognized easily. Here the job of the imposter is to kill all the other players in the game without getting recognized because if he got caught then will be thrown out at once by the discussing done. Each time a player is dead an emergency meeting is called and there all the players decide which one among them is an imposter as the whole game revolve around lying so you need to offend yourself even if you are an imposter or not? If the other players doubt you in any of the places you can even be kicked at once without any cross-checking. If the players can complete all the task without being killed then the team wins or else if the imposter can kill all the players till the end of the game then it will win the game.  The game sounds easy but trust me it is not at all because if you are bad in lying or even, I can in communicating with others then you must be the one to be thrown out each time whether you are an imposter or not.

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The gameplay is not that attractive but the concept of playing it makes it more interesting to play. You just need to understand the rules and you are good to get going. The game mod version is quite famous among most of the players and this must be due to its exceptional features that give the game quite a different look. There are around 4 million users those who have tried the MOD APK version till now and still, the count is going. I will attach the direct link so that you can download the version easily. Well, people will be curious to know what’s new is there in this version. There are new hack features available such as auto-aim, auto spot, always imposter and much more than that.

Download Link: 

Main Features of Among Us MOD APK

Let’s see the feature of the MOD Menu enabled APK in brief:

  1. The first one will be the complete task as here now the player can build his ship for departure that will take place in no time. This will help in completing the task in no time.
  2. The second feature will be the auto spot or aim option in which if you are an imposter than the target on other players become much easier.
  3.  There is also a ghost perceivable menu where you will be able to see the ghost and the chat window on your screen. So, will this it will be easy for you to know who the imposter is. There just vote for him and kick the imposter out.
  4. The always imposter feature is also quite interesting to be explored. As here you get the chance to become the imposter all the time whenever you want.
  5. The feature which is considered as one the best is the no ban mod. As when you use the hack mainly your profile gets banned for 2-3 days but now even after using the hack there is no such thing can happen.
  6. Apart from this, there is also an option of conducting infinite emergency meetings whenever there is any need seen.
  7. There is also a wallhack feature present through which the player can see across the wall as it appears to be transparent to them
  8. Another awesome feature is the fake voice in which the players can make fake voices for the imposter to get confused and then easily guess who the imposter among them is.

There are also some additional features in the MOD menu enabled APK version:

  1. There is a requirement of fewer graphics in the first place
  2. There is hack present for touch light
  3. Also, the quick kill option is enabled
  4. There is a speed hack mostly used by a lot of players
  5. The fly hack is also something new seen in this version.
  6. All the pets in the game can be easily unlocked
  7. Apart from this the skin to be used are also unlocked


There are a lot of players out there who are making the use of this Among Us MOD Menu APK version and has enjoyed it. It’s worth a try. I hope the article helped the readers in some or other way around.

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