Among Us Download PC Free

Among Us Download PC Free

Among Us, developed and published by American game studio Innersloth, is a an online multiplayer social deduction game. With support for Android and iOS in June 2018 and Windows in November 2018, the game was launched on all three platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows.

And in 2021, you can look forward to the game also coming to the Nintendo Switch, with additional console releases planned for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox S, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. While preparing the game for release, the developers looked to Mafia (a popular party game) and The Thing (a science fiction horror film) as inspiration. This resulted in the inclusion of the maps MIRA Headquarters, Polus, and the Airship. The Airship’s design is based on Innersloth’s Infiltrating the Airship game.

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There is one main objective for the crew of each part of the ship. In general, a human crew does everything that needs to be done in order to keep the ship operational. On top of that, they’re also expected to handle all of the group’s daily maintenance tasks, such as responding to sabotage attempts, reporting any oddities, holding emergency meetings, or removing impostors. Conversely, only the alien impostors have to kill the crew, either by remaining anonymous or by falsely implicating someone else for sabotage or murder.

With this app, there is cross-platform multiplayer matchmaking, where you can find and join matches with friends on PCs, Android, and iOS devices. Local network games are supported as well as internet games for up to 10 players. The visual style of the game is simple but has details that allow a variety of different places, gameplay, and subtle systems to catch the players’ attention. Only basic suit colour and hat design may be customised for the crew members.

The requirements are incredibly minimal, as only 1 GB of RAM, a DirectX 10 video card, and 250 MB of available storage space are required. This game was designed to run on all modern versions of Windows, with the exception of Windows 7 SP1.

Attempt to prepare your spaceship, but beware as a disguised Impostor among the Crew will try to kill everyone! This game was initially designed as a party game and we therefore advise you to play with friends in a LAN party or over the internet using voice chat. Connect your Android, iOS, and PC devices to play games across platforms.

Game functions include:

  • Success is attained by getting the ship ready and eliminating all Impostors.
  • Impostor’s sabotages must be quickly reversed.
  • Keep an eye on your colleagues by checking the admin map and security cameras.
  • If you encounter a dead body, report it so we can talk about who the impostor might be.
  • When you encounter suspicious behaviour, have a special meeting to discuss it.
  • To identify Impostors, cast a vote for ejection.
  • Dispose of squadmates and fabricate innocent bystanders.
  • Act as if you are running a task to blend in with your colleagues.
  • Infiltrate the ventilation system to move about the ship more quickly.
  • Distribute implements of sabotage to sow dissension and division within the crew.
  • Keep doors closed in order to trap victims and to kill them in private.

In order to download and install Among Us, follow these instructions.

  • You will be taken to Upload Haven where you can download the software.
  • Hold down the blue “download now” button for 5 seconds. Downloading begins, and now sit back and wait for it to finish.
  • Extract Once Among Us. It will take a few seconds to complete the extraction, then the extract should look something like this: Extracted
  • Click inside the Among Us folder and then double-click the executable file.
  • Make new memories and enjoy yourself! Install all the programmes found in the Redist or _CommonRedist folder and also run the game as administrator.

Among Us Free Download

We’re happy to offer a free download of Among Us. To start the download, click the button below. It’s the entire game. To be sure the game is ran as administrator, do not forget to.

SIZE: 154.47 MB

The good news is you do not have to install this game yourself as it has already been installed on your computer. You may get missing DLL errors if you cannot find a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder. Look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install DirectX, VCREDISt, and all other programmes inside of it. To make the game run, you’ll need these applications. Be on the lookout for a ‘HOW TO RUN THE GAME.TXT’ file for more information. Another thing to remember is to ensure that you always right-click the executable and select “Run as administrator” if you experience problems saving the game. When you are extracting the game, always disable your anti-virus to prevent it from deleting the crack files.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+

Processor: SSE2 instruction set support

Memory: 1 GB RAM

DirectX: Version 10

Storage: 250 MB available space


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