Among US Cheats and Hacks

Among US Cheats and Hacks

If you are a person who is into games then it would be sure that all the interesting games been introduced recently in past one year would be familiar to you. One such game that was recently introduced and is an only small duration of time was able to get a huge fan following is Among US. The game was something different from all the other in the market. The name of this game somewhat suggests us the thing that is been introduced in there. The name of the game tells that there is an imposter among the group responsible for the killing of the various member one by one. The game is certainly a game of betrayal. The main thing important in this game is how much good you are at lying and convincing other players that you are not an imposter as every time killing is been done there is sure chances that someone had noticed you doing that. There is the various thing that must be planned and then worked out nicely before letting one know that you are the one who behind all the kills going on in the game. This game keeps on getting interesting which each one getting killed. The game is not hard to learn but to master it there are some pacts one must have in them.

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There are many players out there who are just so bad in this convincing mechanism that even if they are not an imposter, they are kicked out at the first go. If you are such a player than I can say that this article is meant for you to read. Here we are going to discuss some tricks and cheat code that would help the player to pass through such a game without even lying and convincing mechanism much in use. There are up to 4 players which can play over the WIFI. The objective of this game is to be there till the last if you are an imposter. There are also tiny tasks in the game that all the players are assigned and those tasks are needed to be done before the game ends.   if the players can kick off the imposter before the game ends than the all they will win the game but if the imposter can kill everyone without even getting caught then the imposter is the one who wins the game. The cheat codes we are going to discuss now work both in the android phone as well as the PCs or laptops.

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Among us cheat codes for PC:

How the players can use these cheat codes in a PC is by using the DDL files which can be customized as per the user’s preference. Theses DDL files are shared online by various online websites. But there are even some DDL files available that doesn’t work properly this can create some sort of security issue for sure. To get the correct resource always visit a genuine website. Among us have lots of cheat codes that can be used. The hacks are quite impressive such as instant kill, ESP, Wallhack and even much more than that. All the setting will be enabled at the real-time when the game is started at the same time the player needs to apply these cheat codes from the setting over the GUI option made available. Some of the cheats have been listed below that is mostly used by a lot of good players of Among US. Apart from this if you are using any of these codes than kindly be careful that you are not being suspicious to other players in the game by this there are chances that one can get caught. All the players if know this then the fun ends there. The codes are:

  1. Speed hack
  2. Item hack
  3. Kill all other players fast
  4. Hack radar and hack map
  5. Chat delay get
  6. See the ghost chat
  7.  There can be unlimited sabotage
  8. Disable door cooldown
  9. Ignore the wall
  10. ESP of all other players

All these cheat codes are nice to try. If you are an Among US player kindly than I am sure you are even excited to use these cheat codes in no time.

Whenever the cheat codes are made there are even some techniques found to track the cheat codes down. I would be even alerting the player that how can these cheat codes be detected. As the Among US is one of the popular games there are a lot of players who try to cheat and reduce the fun. These players can be tracked using their speed and suspicious behaviour in the first place kindly be aware if you use these codes.


I hope the article could provide you with something that you need. Happy gaming.


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