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What do you know about the Free Fire video game? To be the winner, what strategies can you implement? What are the installation requirements? These, and other more doubts will be resolved at the end of this Article, take full advantage of the video game that in almost any smartphone processes properly.

Everything you need to know about the Free Fire video game

Currently in the market there is a diversity of video games , however, those that have been designed to be played from the cell phone have been positioning themselves as the best and most comfortable.

However, there are very good, but highly heavy, in addition, in terms of economic resources, they are more expensive.

I want to present you a more economical alternative in resources, likewise, you will be able to experience surprising survival battles in real time. Best of all, you don’t need a high-end super cell phone to enjoy this video game . I present to you Free Fire Battlegrounds .

Installation requirements of Free Fire

This application was released in the year 2017 by the 111dots Studios Company, originally it was released for Android and iOS devices .

Let’s see the installation requirements:

Android : The minimum memory space is 320 MB, and the operating system must be 4.0 onwards.

iOS : Memory space is 872.4MB, using an 8.0 and later operating system. 

What is the theme of Free Fire Battlegrounds?

You will be on an ancient island where you must try to survive above 50 more participants. Whoever survives last will be the winner.

You aim to get weapons and stay within the safe area that the video game map is showing.

This map as you advance is reduced, if you leave the protection space you will die.

To survive you can use the mechanisms you want, you can avoid danger or seek it.

Ideally, you should be neither as aggressive nor as careful and passive. You will need to constantly move to avoid getting out of the safe area.

Now, as you defend yourself, you run out of ammunition, you will have to explore the territory in search of weapons, medicines, and equipment to take care of yourself and defend yourself during the game . If you don’t get medicine, you may not be able to regain life.

If I am a beginner, what strategy can I use?

Like any video game at startup, Free Fire Battlegrounds can feel difficult, however I want to introduce you to a number of tips so you know what to do if you’re just starting out.

  1. Ensures a good connection and tranquility: For Free Fire there are no breaks, this game continues to evolve with or without you. For this, it ensures a quiet place without interruptions, and with an excellent internet signal.
  2. Equip yourself with everything you can: In order to survive this video game you must get what you need most, and the things you need most are weapons .

So, immediately step on land, find what you need to defend yourself, then, grab a backpack so you can keep the items you need most. It is very important that you choose different weapons , they are very necessary according to your game strategy. You can use submachine guns, long-range weapons, shotguns, among many others.

  • Atina the landing place: When the game starts you must parachute from an airplane to an island, and you must choose where to fall. If you are just starting in the video game , the most advisable thing is that you fall in the most desolate areas where there are houses to equip weapons, however, far from the center, you will be safer.
  • Remember the Map: When you know the map perfectly from Free Fire , you will start to become proficient. You will begin to realize in which houses you will receive rewards, which are the most dangerous places, try to trace a route as safely as possible.

If you do so, while the other players kill each other, you will create a quieter equipment route, you will arrive at the final confrontation very well armed and more lucid.

Play as a Team

This super video game is highly fun when you create survival kits.

In Free Fire Battlegrounds you can generate work groups of two and four people to face the rest of the players.

To add your friends to create an alliance, you can do it through Facebook , Line or by their nickname or id.

If for some reason you don’t have someone to create a group with, you can do it through the application. In this case, the connected users are randomly selected by the game system .

Broadly speaking, these are the most relevant features and recommendations of the Free Fire Battlegrounds video game . As I told you when starting the Post, this is a fairly friendly game with any type of cell phone or smartphone , I invite you to observe the installation requirements, and start enjoying this amazing video game ! I am totally convinced that you will enjoy it deeply.    

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