What Is AirDrop and How does it Work?

AirDrop is something that many people reading this article must be already aware of. Still, this is nothing but a trending technology that is used to move files from one device to another device in a wireless mode. Initially, this technology came for Mac Os X Lion but later it arrived even for an iPod and also iPhone with iOS 7 and more. All the things whether it’s a document, photo, website, link, notes, map location everything can be easily shared. Mainly it can be considered as the same as what Google’s nearby service of sharing provides to the Android users. Well, this is an amazing technology to use when you are an Apple device user to another Apple product nearby. As with this now there is no need to open mail or WhatsApp every time something has to be shared within. There are tons of people using this method but still, people have confused regarding its working procedure. That is the reason why one should read this article to be clear with the overall method. All the important questions are covered here so I would advise my readers to read the whole arctic\vcle to clear all the doubts. So let us start without wasting any more time.

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The people who have been using the technology of AirDrop have claimed that it’s an amazing choice as the things related to sharing become quite easy. In addition to that, any file that has been shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even iMessage can easily transfer by AirDrop. Now moving further with the most important question.

How does AirDrop Work?

The technology mentioned uses Bluetooth at the initial point to establish a Wi-Fi connection between two devices. Here the main thing that the users must keep in mind is that both the devices are from the Apple Company. If not, this technology of AirDrop will not work. The combination of sharing can be iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPhone vice versa and many more. In case the two devices are using AirDrop then both have to have the feature of Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi connection turned on. Apart from that, the devices must be located within 9 metres (30 Feet) from each other. Over here the thing that takes place is quite simple to understand. A firewall has been established around the peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection coming from both of the devices.

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One thing that many people using the technology are not aware of is that the files that are sent through AirDrop are encrypted. So here when the user selects the sharing icon on a particular file or photo then the nearby device that supports the sharing technology of AirDrop receives a notification. Also in case, the other device setting for the AirDrop has not been switched still the notification may arrive. The device that sends the request will soon achieve the support device in its connection radar. The next thing that has to be done is that the receiver must tap on the upcoming notification and that the indication that the sharing request has been accepted. If not done then the request will automatically be rejected after some time. Also, the sharing of files by AirDrop takes place over the Wi-Fi connection so the establishment of an internet connection must be stable. Here the transfer is fast so this is the minimal request it demands. Now moving to the next important questions.

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How can one use AirDrop Technology?

As mentioned before, the most important thing is a proper Wi-Fi connection and also the Bluetooth must be switched on. The next thing to be done is to switch off the personal hotspot. The user must also make sure that the AirDrop setting is set to contacts only or everyone as per requirements. Every time verify this when you receive or send some sort of content. In case you have chosen the option of contact only then the Apple device you are sharing files must need to have your email id or mobile contact in the contact card for the AirDrop to work fine. In case these settings are not set then both devices must use the everyone option while sharing files.

The most asked question is about the devices that the AirDrop technology support. Let me mention a few points about airdrop:

AirDrop supports all kinds of Apple devices consisting of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. The only requirement that is demanded is for the device to run on iOS 7 and each must be introduced after 2012 or later. The technology of AirDrop however doesn’t work with Android or Windows devices.

Sometimes people using the AirDrop technology must find it not working well in such a situation. I would request them to try after a few minutes. This problem may be due to a glitch or a Wi-Fi connection.      

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I hope the information shared above would be useful to all my readers out there.

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